Topics and Guests, October 8

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

As America responds to President Bush's speech, both houses of Congress plan to open debate on the long-awaited resolution giving the president the latitude he wants to confront Saddam Hussein.


•  Several clues, including discovery in Iraq of equipment labeled "smallpox," indicate the deadly virus could be part of Saddam Hussein's biological weapons arsenal, although the Bush administration has offered no public evidence to prove it.

•  A suspected American militant accused by Washington of conspiring to support Al Qaeda has been arrested in Malaysia and faces deportation within days.

•  A U.S. Marine is killed and another is wounded when they are attacked by small arms fire — apparently from civilians — during war games in Kuwait.

•  With border tension running high in South Asia, nuclear-armed Pakistan test-fires a medium-range surface-to-surface missile, its second in less than a week.

•  Undeterred by U.S. criticism, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon praises a deadly Israeli military strike in the Gaza Strip as a success and said there would be more such operations.

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