Bush's Plan to Prevent a Pandemic

President Bush outlined his administration’s long-awaited plan Tuesday to combat a possible worldwide outbreak of the bird flu. The plan is in response to the Asian bird flu, which has killed more than 60 humans in Southeast Asia, mostly in Vietnam. It has not yet spread from human to human, but in the worst-case scenario outlined by international scientists, could cause millions of deaths worldwide.

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"The president is doing everything he can by making Americans aware. The trick is getting anyone to care before it's too late. I am sure that if an outbreak happens, he'll get blamed for the creation of avian flu. People need to take personal responsibility for this and many other matters." — Karen (Austin, TX)

"I agree that we need to be prepared. If we do accomplish this objective, it will be the first." — H.L.

"It doesn't really matter what vaccine you make or what type of precautions you take. Viruses and bacteria hold all the locks, and when we find the key that matches it, they have already mutated again and changed that lock. This is not a new struggle. It has been going on since the beginning of life." — Abbey (Alabama)

"Bush has no real plan. I doubt he really understands what avian flu is anyway." — Jenny (Charlotte, NC)

"I think the senate and the president should be concentrating on the bird flu! They should be getting a vaccine available to everyone in America, and making Tamiflu available to anyone who wants it. I am sure that if the bird flu does come to the U.S., the Senators and everyone in the White House will have the vaccine. They'll also have as much Tamiflu as they need while the rest of us will have to either order Tamiflu from overseas or fight for the right to have a flu shot that is made for this new flu. This is far more important then Alito’s confirmation or even Libby’s indictment. I would like to know what we as ordinary Americans can do to make sure that our health is the top priority in Washington?" — Germaine (Rock Hall, MD)

"Just based on his lack of a plan with Katrina, I have no confidence in him to be ready for an outbreak of avian flu." — Scott (Monteagle, TN)

"Just another attempt to get his poll numbers up. We no longer fall for the old terror elevation anymore. It's the same old scare tactics with a new enemy — Avian Flu." — Tom (Pasadena, CA)