Call It What It Is

A quick break from the news about the indictments of Lewis Libby in order to talk about my favorite topic these days: The annual war on Christmas.

As you may have heard, I wrote a book about it called "The War on Christmas" and in it I go over a case in Covington, Georgia, when the school board wanted to make a change on the school calendar. They wanted to change the name of the Christmas break from winter break back to Christmas break.

The ACLU (search) came to the school board and said, "If you do that, we'll sue. It's an unconstitutional violation of church and state."

What's the violation in calling the Christmas vacation what it is?

"Well," said the ACLU lawyer "calling the break 'Christmas' would coerce children into becoming Christians."

Coerce? The word Christmas on the calendar would coerce little munchkins into church?

That was the ACLU position. And separation of church and state required banning the word Christmas.

That's what happened because the school board was advised it would lose the fight.

Absurd. But it's happening again, even as we speak.

In the Northwest, I have learned there are ACLU lawyers combing over the Web sites of school districts looking for school administrators who insist on calling Christmas break "Christmas break."

The lawyers are ready to go stamp this out.

They will undoubtedly assert that calling the Christmas vacation what it is — Christmas — will coerce children into Christianity.

Here's a news flash for the school boards of the Northwest who may already have gotten an ACLU letter: There is nothing illegal about calling Christmas vacation "Christmas vacation."

The Supreme Court (search) has never declared it unconstitutional. And I am willing to bet that if an ACLU lawyer ever came to the Supreme Court arguing that the word Christmas somehow coerces kids into becoming Christians, the sound we would all hear would be side-splitting laughter from the normally solemn justices of the Supreme Court.

That one doesn't even meet the laugh test.

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