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We just got word that Harriet Miers (search) has withdrawn her name for the U.S. Supreme Court. What do you think? Did she get treated fairly? Did the president bow to pressure and ask her to withdraw? Is she not qualified? Would a man get treated the same way? (First lady Laura Bush said she thought that Miers was getting a different treatment than men.) Is Miers doing the right thing? Should she have fought?

Is today the day we hear about whether the CIA leak (search) grand jury will/will not indict Bush administration officials? Probably not... but I am unwilling to go out on a limb and say I am certain today is not the day. If there is an indictment, it will more likely be Friday. It remains possible that this grand jury will finish its service tomorrow and a new one empanelled, but no one really believes that will happen.

We had expected "On the Record" to be "on the road" today and tomorrow, but with the expected news — indictment or no indictment — we needed to pull the plug on our travel. The plug was pulled yesterday (right after we got home from Hurricane Wilma.) I guess if anyone is lucky as we await the grand jury's news, it is our show since to cover it closely we have to walk two blocks — not travel across country or even leave the country.

As you all know, there have been few — if any — leaks about this CIA leak investigation, so mystery and rumors abound. One thing I am anxious to learn is what columnist Bob Novak (search) has to do with the investigation (if anything.) It was his July 14, 2003 article that first "outed" Valerie Plame, but we hear nothing about him. Did he testify before the grand jury? Did he get cleared? Was there a plea bargain? Did he get immunity? Did he do nothing wrong? We tried to book him for the show yesterday and the booker on my staff who called his office was told he is "out of the country." We have heard so much about other journalists involved in this investigation but nothing about him and he is a huge part of the story. So, if you are curious like I am, watch for any news in the next 24 hours about Bob. (As an aside, I worked at a former network with him and knew him only well enough that when I saw him in the make up room I would say, "Hi, how are you?" If you work in the TV news business, and you wait long enough, you have worked with everyone!)

I have received many e-mails asking what happened to Geraldo's show and Geraldo. The short answer is "nothing." Geraldo is still working within News Corporation, but working at FOX Broadcast (not FOX News Channel.) Beginning Monday he has a brand new show on FOX Broadcast and you should check your local listings for time. It is called "Geraldo at Large" — like his show on FOX News Channel. Click on this Web site: and you can get all the details about the new show. Check out the Web site to see who else is going to the broadcast network to work with Geraldo.

Now for some randomly selected e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

What happened to the black lady you showed a couple of weeks that went missing? It seems you put the story on by force, a few minutes, and now no more coverage. You seem to be obsessed with white women, especially Natalee Holloway (search). How about all the children missing from Katrina, don't they count, or are they not white enough for you? Shame on you Greta, and I am tired of seeing Natalee Holloway, nobody cares anymore.

ANSWER: I guess you have not been watching FOX News. A body was found two days ago (reported several times) and it was suspected of being the missing student. Wednesday night we also did a segment on this college student.

E-mail No. 2

I hope you will forgive my ignorance, but I haven’t been able to keep up with this Natalee Holloway thing very closely lately. People are talking as if she is in fact dead. Is this true? I haven’t really heard any irrefutable evidence to suggest that she is. Just guess work.
Tim Roebuck
N. Potomac, MD

ANSWER: It is not proven that she is dead. But yes, people speak as though she is dead. Her mother still hopes she is alive, but I think believes she is dead. Ninety-nine percent of me says she is dead... and 1 percent of me remembers that Elizabeth Smart came home alive.

E-mail No. 3

Natalee's friends, who were with her at Carlos and Charlie's, told you — when you interviewed them on your show (while you were in Aruba) — that Natalee was not drunk the night she disappeared. The girls all insisted she was "drinking responsibly" and showed no signs of intoxication. That is also their sworn report on record with the Aruban police, I am sure!

E-mail No. 4

I know you love to cover trials. But I need someone to cover Paul McCartney who is on tour here in the USA. Yes, I grew up with The Beatles. But now I want to know what's going on with the current Paul McCartney. This is a man who commands more coverage than he is getting.
I went to his concert and there are people going to see 2-3 of his concerts.
Please FOX TV cover Paul McCartney. See, we grew up with Paul and we want to know more about the current Paul as he is still pretty cool.
You must have sung a line or two to "The Long And Winding Road" or "Eleanor Rigby." This is possibly the greatest musician in our time and please don't let him go back to England without doing lots of coverage on him.
Kathy Solik

ANSWER: "Long and Winding Road"? I go back farther than that....

E-mail No. 5

First of all, I want to thank you for the continued coverage of the Natalee Holloway Case. I have a brother that lives on the island of Aruba, and I frequently visit. I certainly empathize with all the Holloway family, and wish they could have some closure. Your coverage has been outstanding.
I want to bring to your attention another case of a missing girl. I live in Maine, where recently a young woman disappeared. Her name is Lynn Moran, a native of Massachusetts. She was apparently visiting in Portland Maine. She was last seen Oct 10 2005 in the Old Port section of the city....
I thought any coverage you and FOX News could possibly provide, would be helpful.

ANSWER: Debbie: How can I get you to watch our show? We covered Lynn's disappearance on our show two nights ago. And yes, I sure hope we can help find her.

E-mail No. 6

Thanks for the pix of Bill Hemmer. I didn't know he was with FOX now — CNN's loss. He is one of my favorites I can't believe CNN let him go. As you can tell, I don't watch much TV, mostly get my news online.
A Montana Fan

E-mail No. 7

Finally, they are going to question Natalee's friends, as let's face it they know a lot more than they have said. There had to be plenty of those kids on the beach partying that same night that she was supposed to have been there. It was the night before coming home from a week of partying and I cannot believe no one was out having their last night of fun at that time. It is about time her friends and former classmates were questioned, as I am sure that they know much more about this situation than they have come forth and said. Who was the male in their room they shared with Natalee that used her toothbrush and left DNA on, that we never heard any more about? What was Natalee really like, was she a party person? What did they do all week in Aruba other than that one night at Charlie's Bar? Why did her friends leave for home without her, never heard of friends doing that, you just wouldn't go flying off and leaving your best friend behind, if you have any character or are a true friend. It is time now after all these months to come forth and start telling the public just what was going on while they were all having a ball in Aruba. They don't want to say anything, well, they have to so this can be settled and shed some light on just what was going on while on this so-called party vacation.

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