Are These Bush's "Darkest Days?"

In Washington, new questions raised about the president's second term, and how he's doing with his agenda. From the CIA leak scandal to growing opposition to his latest Supreme Court nomination, President Bush is said to be getting upset.

A New York Daily News editorial says the president is "facing the darkest days of his presidency." The writer using unnamed sources supposedly close to Bush says the president is feeling "frustrated, sometimes angry and even bitter."

Take a look at how scandals and controversy are impacting the president's second term agenda and then let us know what YOU think!

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"Bush is facing some tough times, no doubt. The president will work his way through this. Too much is at stake." — Jerry (New York, NY)

"These are dak days indeed for him and his administration. Looks like the Republicnas finally got the Congress, the judicial, the executive and then all this. Bush is just downright inept. It's amazing he even makes a sentence work at all. He is nothing more than a puppet for the real evil-doers behind the scenes." — Joe (New York, NY)

"Not at all — These are Bush's brightest hours. He has had and will continue to have the fortitude to make the tough decisions and do what's best for our country." — Kip (Boston, MA)

"These are Bush's darkest days? Forget how we went into Iraq, forget that tax cuts only come for the rich and richer, and forgot about why every time that man goes on vacation our country has it's biggest disasters in history. Bush's darkest days have been a long time coming. Ours started before 9/11, on the election night of 2000." — Y.

"Just imagine how dark it would be for the country if anyone but President Bush were in office? Yes these are dark times, war, hurricanes, liberals trying to derail the country for political purposes. He has not been perfect. There is room for improvement. The solution for terrorism is a forgone conclusion. We should do as President Bush has done and be offensive. Tell me, convince me, how would you have handle Katrina? The liberals' reaction was to point fingers and blame. The Iraqi constitution was approved! Liberals were happy to have Saddam mass murdering and his pups raping and destroying everything they touched. That was the liberal's answer to the 'dark days.' How lucky we are that they we have the benefit of Bush's integrity and values motivating his decisions. God give him strength and wisdom for our country and his critics." — Chris (Hermon, ME)

"I can't believe the liberals were right all along. We really HAVE been getting lied to, hoodwinked and spat upon by Bush and Rove and Cheney and Libby and Reed and DeLay and Frist and so forth." — Darren

"President Bush needs to ignore the trumped up scandals and conduct business as usual. The newspaper's use of words like 'un-named sources' and 'supposedly' indicate the flimsiness of this whole mess. These scandals prove that the Democrats are desperate and will do anything to win an election. Isn't ironic that after this is all over, they will triumphantly pronounce Hillary as their next candidate for President in 2008? Her and her husband's antics make this shallow attack against Bush, Cheney and Delay pale in comparison." — Michael (Jacksonville, FL)

"It is a crime to leak grand jury information. So if the media is getting illegally leaked info, they are participating in a crime." — Trina (Massachusetts)

"Poor Mr. Bush, You reaped what you sowed!" — Bill

"Bush's days are darkened by his decisions and actions just as our days are darkened by our in-action and in-decision in reaction to the current administration. People like Cindy Sheen I think are a little off the mark in their criticism but hey at least they're out there with their hands on the wheel of this country which is what the rest of us need to be doing." — Joel (Oakland, CA)

"Who else would have the fortitude to do what Bush is doing? With all that is going on I don't know how he keeps his sanity. He is a praying man and God fortifies him with his strength." — Jack

"President Bush is at a time where he is counting on all of his supporters and ambition to keep things moving forward, under circumstances that continue to develop more challenges for this president. He is truly a leader no matter what some say. You can say what you want about this president, but he is not a quitter. He is a fighter. Well it is time we as Americans, both Republican and Democrat, must stand by our President, our country, and our troops." — Jay

"The Republicans are stuck on stupid and the attacks on Libby don't help. This is the most nonsense story in history; the 'Demo-rats' are cowards. They should be locked up for treason." — Chas (Wilmington, NC)

"The last five years have been dark days for America. We've slowly watched the most un-Republican and most radical administration in the history of our country. Bush and his cronies have no regard whatsoever for government. Bush could care less about the majority of Americans, the majority being those who are not rich. Look at Katrina and his domestic and foreign policies. He has allowed Halliburton and other campaign-friendly corporations to have no-bid contracts in Iraq and in the wake of Katrina and Rita. It is darker than the deepest black hole. He calls himself a Christian, but condones the killing of so many (2,000 and rising for our troops in Iraq and untold thousands of Iraqis). Dark days? Dark years are more like it." — Linda (Atlanta, GA)

"The nomination of Harriet Miers was definitely a mistake. People blamed Michael Brown and Bush for the problems rescuing the victims of Hurricane Katrina, but LA Governor Blanco and New Orleans Mayor Nagin are equally to blame. But if Patrick Fitzgerald has any sense of justice, Joe Wilson should be frog-marched and indicted for perjury and contempt of Congress for lying to the Senate Intelligence Committee and the American people, and trying to frame the White House. By the way, has anybody noticed that a new constitution was approved in Iraq with 78% of the vote, and gasoline prices have dropped 90 cents/gallon in six weeks?" — Steven (West Hartford, CT)

"If a CIA leak and trouble with a Supreme Court nominee are considered the dark days of the Bush presidency, then the Clinton presidency was a total blackout." — Eric (Orlando, FL)