Why Should Christians Have to Hide Christmas?

I seem to have set off a small firestorm with my new book "The War on Christmas (search)."

Secularists are angry. Religionists other than Christian are angry. Christians are angry. All angry for different reasons and demanding what they want.

So here's what I want and here's why I wrote "The War on Christmas."

I don't want anti-Christian policies and attitudes tolerated. Same as I wouldn't want anti-religious policies tolerated for any other religion.

Christians are 84 percent of the country. They have tolerated other religionists throughout the history of this country and supported our basic legal rights to ensure the protection of free religious speech for religious minorities.

The less than ten percent of this country that is not Christian has thrived and flourished in this country because this is a nation whose Christian majority has been willing and happy to live with other religionists, by and large.

This country stands for tolerance. We stand for tolerance for Muslims, Jews, Wiccans, Kwanzans and for Christians.

Tolerance should continue in this country and it should continue even for the supermajority which happens to be Christian.

This isn't always the case. It's all too easy in this country to say, "Hey, no Christmas tree, fire Santa, ban red and green because they're just too Christian."

Doesn't that clang on somebody's ear?

Doesn't that ring of the same intolerance that we condemn when it comes to other religions?

Why should Christians have to hide their religious holiday — put it away, out of sight, unseen and unheard in schools lets say, or city hall — because minorities are intolerant of the majority's religious holiday?

Changing the traditions of this country is always tricky business, but changing those traditions because of an intolerance for the majority religion, because of an anti-Christian attitude which has suddenly and inexplicably become acceptable, this is not a good development.

That's why I wrote "The War on Christmas."

If you have a controversy about Christmas in your town, write to me at waronchristmas@johngibson.com.

That's My Word.

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