Toy, Cookie Mistaken for Bomb Components

A terminal at San Diego International Airport (search) was evacuated Tuesday after luggage screeners mistook a child's toy and a cookie for bomb-making components, officials said.

A screening machine at the Commuter Terminal (search) detected what appeared to be bomb-making material in a carryon bag around 7:45 a.m., said Transportation Security Administration spokeswoman Jennifer Peppin.

A bomb squad was called to the terminal, which serves regional flights, and investigators determined the bag did not contain any "IED," or improvised explosive devices, Peppin said.

"Essentially what they did find was a child's toy and some organic material in a bag that turned out to be a cookie," Peppin said. "Those two items combined on-screen, they very much appeared to be an IED, and it turned out not to be."

The terminal was reopened about 9:20 a.m. and passengers were allowed back in, Peppin said. Five commuter flights to Los Angeles (search) and one flight to Salt Lake City were delayed, said Steve Shultz, an airport spokesman.

The discovery followed bomb threats called in earlier Tuesday to airports in Long Beach and Orange County. The calls triggered massive searches of both facilities but no explosive devices were found.