If Indicted, Should Libby and/or Rove Resign?

A Republican senator said that it would be appropriate for any White House aide to step aside if indicted in the CIA leak investigation. Bush initially pledged to fire anyone who leaked Plame's identity but later changed the standard by promising to fire anyone who is found to have committed a crime.

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"I don't think anyone in this particular case should have to resign or be terminated if they are indicted. They should be found guilty of committing a crime before being terminated. If they are are found guilty they should be terminated." Paul (Florence, AL)

"I think they need to clean house at the White House, and maybe it should start with Bush." Janet

"I think it would depend on what Karl Rove and Scooter Libby are indicted for. Was a crime actually committed?" Julie (Tallahassee, FL)

"This is much to do about nothing!" Gary (Media, PA)

"It makes sense to me to only fire those who have committed a crime! Those Democrats are just beside themselves with fury, having lost so much power recently. And their poor sportsmanship shows!" Suzanne (Clearlake Oaks, CA)

"No. It’s all about bringing down Bush. They should not resign. Conservative Republicans should be together and support Mr. Bush's team." Cris

"As a Republican, I feel they should resign to avoid even the hint of impropriety. It's the right thing to do even if they are not guilty." Patty (Newark, CA)

"Yes, Libby and Rove should resign if indicted." Bob

"Indicted for what? Plame wasn't a covert operative; it doesn't appear any laws were broken. Possibly a special counsel looking for something to justify the expense and a process that went on way too long?" Eric (Orlando, FL)

"Simply put, yes they should resign." Thomas

"If indicted, the person should either resign or Bush should fire him. I know a person is innocent until proven guilty, but fighting the charges would take time away from the person's work and would distract him. The matter of appearances is also important." JoEllen (Eugene, OR)

"Fire only if a crime was committed. To fire all people who give out information that is not considered a crime would require firing most of Washington." Ned (Orlando, FL)

"It will be interesting to see if this president stands by his words or if this is yet again another lie told to America. I believe there is a lot more to these investigations and I pray the entire truth is revealed. This cover up is right up there with Watergate." Robin (California)

"I think the whole thing is a political witch hunt." Harry (Spout Spring , VA)

"The president will do anything to cover the behinds of his cronies. He is back stepping because he found out it was Karl Rove that leaked! Loose Lips equal Pink Slips. Fire Karl Rove, et al." Johnny (Goldsboro, NC)

"No resignations and no indictments. This is a put-up job. Someone tell me why Sandy Burglar was allowed to slither away on something much more serious and provable." — Phillip (Duncanville, TX)