Bush Plans Trip to See Wilma's Damage

President Bush (search) will travel to Florida on Thursday to survey areas damaged by Hurricane Wilma, the White House announced.

Presidential spokesman Scott McClellan said the president received a briefing on the storm Tuesday morning from Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff (search).

"There are a lot of people without power and that's obviously a priority right now," McClellan said. "We're working to support the state of Florida's efforts, and they were well prepared for this."

The storm roared across southern Florida in about seven hours Monday, causing billions of dollars in damage and leaving 6 million people without electricity. Wilma was blamed for several deaths in the state, and thousands of residents remain in shelters.

McClellan did not specify exactly where in Florida Bush would visit, other than to say the president would "tour areas damaged by Hurricane Wilma."

The severest damage appeared concentrated on the state's eastern coast, from West Palm Beach to Miami.