The War on Christmas?

In a new book by FNC’s John Gibson, he argues that there is a Liberal plot to ban the Christian holiday of Christmas. From prohibiting the decoration of public places, to eliminating carols, Gibson urges that it is time to fight back against the secularist forces who would rather surrender than be seen as politically incorrect.

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Is celebrating Christmas in public a violation of the separation of church and state?

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

“John Gibson has got it right. Although the Catholics have been keeping a low profile because of recent scandals, they had better get over it and start fighting back to save Christianity.” — Bob (Fall River, MA)

“I think we have crooked politicians in our government, entertainers getting away with murder and molesting children, and people starving, we NEED a holiday like Christmas to celebrate what we do have. I cannot understand why anyone would be offended by public decorations during the holiday. Since the greater majority appreciates these beautiful signs of the season, the ones who don't like them can just stay inside their homes until the season is over. Why should the majority suffer for the minority? I will say ‘Merry Christmas’ even louder and more often this year. Thank you and God bless, John Gibson.” — Pat (Melbourne, FL)

“Every day this government is getting more and more like a socialistic society, instead of letting its citizens express their heart and feelings. Our forefathers must be tossing in their graves!” — Joseph (Tucson, AZ)

“I find it hysterical that some people have suggested that the non-believers should just ‘stay home.’ Meanwhile, if a temple or a mosque were to open on their corner, they’d be the first ones out with picket signs. I don’t have a problem with public displays for Christmas, but I don’t have a problem with public Kwazaa displays either.” — Daniel

“My church; my state; my public; my taxes; my holiday!” — Karen (Little Elm, TX)

“My personal solution to this attack on my inherent constitutional rights, is to boycott all businesses that refuse to acknowledge that Christmas is a ‘national’ holiday. Those unbelievably huge retailers who refuse to reference the Christmas season need to feel the impact of the Christian community. Money talks!” — Rich (Harrisburg, PA)

“Where is the plot to get rid of Halloween? Isn't that a spiritual holiday as well?” — PH (Houston, TX)

“Hooray for John Gibson. It is about time the silent majority ceased to be silent. We remained silent and one person had prayer removed from schools! Look what happened to our schools!” — Sherry (AL)

“War on Christmas? Are you kidding me? There are more pressing issues in the world that need to brought up. If someone is in need of a ‘war,’ why not hunger, crime, social injustice, or racism?" — Sophia

“It will never happen, and is a non-issue. The only way someone would lead a successful battle over Christmas would be to include the wearing of the head coverings of ALL religions that use them, as well as veils over your face, nun's habits and any other expression of religion, no matter how innocuous, in any publicly owned place. Take the Rosary beads off your rear view mirror while on a public road? I don't think so.” — Allen (Broken Arrow, OK)

“Want a copy of our school's calendar? You will not find the word Christmas as it has been replaced with 'winter recess.' However, you will find Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. By the way, third graders also get a packet in the Spring which teaches ‘'us’' all about ‘'our’' holiday, Cinco de Mayo. I don't know about other states attacking Christmas, but I do know that here in New York there is no attack, just a victory celebration for the Christian haters. Christmas has been erased.” — Mrs. Romano

“If the Muslim mosque can air their prayers on the streets of Chicago, then why can't we Christians have a nativity scene on the streets? And when we celebrate Christmas, we go to church, not the White House.” — P (Tampa, FL)

“It is not simply a plot to destroy Christmas, it is among other things, a plot to shake the deepest foundations of this country. It would be unthinkable to go to an Arab country to try to change the slightest of their traditions; but freedom in this country allows certain people to go as far as trying to undermine the very essence of our society. I am not American, but I feel like one, and the reason I live here is precisely what some people want to destroy.” — Ada

“You'll never see this happen, there’s too much money to be made on Christmas shopping! No matter who tries to take Christmas away, the true meaning of Christmas will never be removed from our hearts.” — Karen

“Why can't these Liberals get a grip on their own lives and quit trying to ruin everybody else’s? I would like to ask all Liberals ‘what is today’s date?’ Then ask them ‘2005 years after what?’ Let them explain just how it is that the whole world celebrates Jesus Christ every time they write down the date.” — Glenn (Muscle Shoals, AL)

“The people who don't like what we celebrate in our country are free to leave. The majority should rule. Instead of letting one or a few people change our rules, why not have a vote and let the masses decide?” — Lorraine (Middletown, OH)

“I'm sorry if I offend someone by wishing them a Merry Christmas. I would rather tick off a stranger than God!” — Laurel (FL)

“The people who think we should not celebrate Christian holidays should give up the time they get off for Christian holidays.” — Nancy (Greentown, IN)

“What will Liberals do next, take away our birthdays?” — Ellen (Amarillo, TX)

“ The constitution guarantees us freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion. “ — Kate (OR)

“Since the separation of church and state doesn't even exist in our constitution, it shouldn't have any bearing in whether or not we celebrate Christmas. The public expression of celebrating Christmas is part of the American cultural fabric, the basis of our Christian heritage. While we have issues in our society that are tearing away at its fabric, the foundation is still there.” — A

“I’m a Christian, and I believe people have the right to publicly celebrate whatever holiday they want to, because I have a right to ignore them. What these politically correct people are trying to do is squash the majority. I wish I could say the same for Liberals and secularists!” — Julie (Tallahassee, FL)

“Sorry but no one can take the Christ out of Christmas and no one can remove the glory from God. Politically correct people need to realize that no matter how hard they and the ACLU try, they will fail. As for you so-called Christians who have become cowards and have sat in the chair of compromise, you know your end, it is in the book you proclaim to know.” — A Christian

“It is laughable that the group of people who hold more power in society, both historically and presently, are bellyaching that their holiday is under attack. Open your mind and talk to someone of a different faith and you will learn what persecution really means. Things could be far worse than having to keep your Christmas trees indoors!” — David (Lowell, MA)

“My prayers have been answered! John Gibson is now on the television, on the radio, and topping the bestseller list at my local bookstore. God bless!” — Ruth (WI)

"Christmas will NEVER be banned, business won't allow it. That aside, religion is meant for the church and your private home. You shouldn't have the right to shove your religious stuff in everyone else’s face, that's fascism.” — Arthur (Pontiac, MI)

“It’s about time that Christians started to fight back and preserve their holy day! Christmas is a glorious day, and one that needs to be celebrated, not shunned.” — H. (NV)

“I am not shocked by John Gibson's opinion on the onslaught against Christianity (particularly Catholics) by the secularists of this and other countries. If any other religion were at the mercy of these godless oafs, there would be such a huge outcry that you could not find room for anything else in our so-called free press. It is dangerously way past time for all Christians to speak up. Thank you, John Gibson.” — Mary (New York)

“Political correctness has reached an all-time high and is single-handedly destroying our beautiful country. Thank God for Mr. Gibson’s courage to write a book that others are scared to write. I will celebrate Christmas loud and proud this year!” — Clint (Houston, TX)

“Are you kidding? It’s not even the end of October and the Right is up to their old holiday tricks already. I enjoy John Gibson’s show, but will not be buying his book.” — Jody (Naples, FL)

“Last year my child’s school banned any music that had a religious theme from public celebrations. How absurd! Whether you are Christian, Jewish, or Muslim, it is ignorance to avoid any holiday. Children need to learn about all cultures and religions.” — Michael

“Every year they take a little more Christ out of Christmas. Quite frankly, it makes my sick.” — Anthony (Seaford, NY)