The Top 10 Ubersexuals

Meet the Top Ten "uber" guys:

10. Jon Stewart: He is outspoken without regard to what other people think (as evidenced by his skewering his hosts during this year's Advertising Week). He is supportive of women and pokes fun at himself in a self-deprecating way.

9. Guy Ritchie: His masculinity is unquestioned, even though he's married to one of the world's top music icons (in fact, gravitating toward strong women tends to be an uber trait.)

8. Pierce Brosnan: His James Bond strength was never compromised when we watched him publicly mourn his first wife (and raise her children). He has Remington Steele's classic elegance and savoir faire.

7. Ewan McGregor: A handsome, fashionable family man, McGregor is versatile enough to go from riding his Harley Davidson around the world to walking the red carpet. He is comfortable in his own sexuality.

6. Barack Obama: At the DNC, he managed to marry sentimental love of family with a new face of patriotism. And he looks sharp in a suit.

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger: He journeyed from body builder to mega movie star to politician, all the while keeping his shoes buffed and hair in place, and he has a Kennedy for a wife.

4. Donald Trump: Love him or hate him, The Donald is a man who is certain about what he wants and sets out to get it, no holds barred.

3. Bill Clinton: A born charmer who is not afraid to cry. He is a supremely confident leader.

2. George Clooney: He appreciates the finer things in life (including his villa on the shores of Lake Como, Italy), and he is strongly bonded with and loyal to a cadre of male friends. His timeless image has allowed him to rise from B-sitcoms to box-office hits, some of which he's directed and/or produced.

1. Bono: He's global, socially aware, confident and compassionate, and he commands a huge base of followers who are fans of his music — and his humanitarianism. Is it any wonder rumors are swirling about a Nobel Peace Prize?