Prejudice Is Prejudice

When my new book "The War on Christmas" came out last week, I opened up an e-mail address — — to get information from you about the annual suppression of Christmas that has been occurring at a greater and greater frequency over the last few years.

This is the stuff that you see in the news and might think odd: Santa fired, Christmas trees banned, Christmas carols forbidden and some even worse, like the colors red and green banned.

I talk about those things happening around the country in my new book and on my Web site I've been receiving tips about where the Christmas bashing, or more properly, Christmas shunning has been taking place.

Mr. W. in Conway, Arkansas, says: "On more than one occasion, I have been restricted from using the word Christmas and was instructed instead to use a more general term like 'Holiday Season.' I'm tired of it and plan to use the word Christmas every chance I get!"

Now this story isn't on the radar of a whole lot of people just yet. It's still October. But it's coming. Usually just before thanksgiving we start hearing about a school board or a county board of supervisors or a city council that has decided it must banish the Christmas tree, fire Santa, push Christmas out. And it's usually actually said that the reason is that Santa and the tree or the Christmas carols are just too Christian.

Don't people understand that prejudice against Christians is just as bad as prejudice against anyone else?

So I'm looking for these stories because I want to highlight them throughout this upcoming Christmas season.

If someone is getting busy pushing Christmas out the back door where you live, let me know about it. We'll follow the story and see where it goes.

And what does the Supreme Court say? It says have your Christmas, we're not going to stop you. Santa is fine, Christmas trees are fine, the colors red and green are fine, the word Christmas is fine. None of it violates the constitution, no matter what that lawyer coming to fire Santa may say.

That's My Word.

If you have a war on Christmas tip, e-mail me at

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