Topics and Guests for October 15

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Should schools drop all religious holidays? One Florida school district is tossing around the idea. We'll get legal insight from First Amendment attorney Marc Randazza.

Then, the Harriet Miers (search) saga continues: President Bush says that religion is a key component to Miers. But should it be? Just weeks earlier, the White House said the religious views of Bush's first judicial nominee, John Roberts, should not be an issue. We'll get reaction from Catherine Crier, author of "Contempt."

And, it's only 2005 but many people are already looking to 2008. Could the next presidential race be a war of the women? Dick Morris, author of "Condi vs. Hillary," weighs in.

Plus, why is a five-year-old New Jersey girl being deported back to her abusive father in Argentina? We'll get the details from the girl's mother, Elena Mazza, and the mother and daughter's attorney, Elliot Gourvitz.

Those stories and more on this Saturday's "Heartland."

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