Jen and Vince Have All But Admitted It

Score one for Team Aniston.

The wrenching heartache of losing hubby Brad Pitt (search) to Angelina Jolie (search) is officially over -- Jennifer Aniston (search) is hot, heavy, and very public with Vince Vaughn (search).

And, judging by photos in People magazine, she couldn't care less who knows.

Jennifer, 36, and Vince, 35 -- who for months have dodged rumors they are an item -- casually strolled arm in arm last week as the actor took his squeeze on a tour of his boyhood home of Lake Forest, Ill., and brought her to meet the folks.

While their future together is anybody's guess, it's certainly sweet payback for Jennifer, who was crushed when Pitt, 41, began a very public affair with Jolie after they met on the set of "Mr. & Mrs. Smith."

Vince and Jennifer also met on a movie set -- well into her separation. As they filmed "The Break Up" over the summer, sparks began to fly.

At the time, Jennifer and Vince both dismissed any chance of a romance, with the former "Friends" star insisting to Elle magazine that while her co-star was "delicious and funny ... I don't want to be a rebound girl."

But that's exactly what's happened. One morning, they were seen relaxing on the balcony of Jennifer's Windy City hotel room. During one tender moment, Vince faced his sweetie, wrapped his arms around her waist and stared into her eyes.

Jennifer quickly brought her hands to his face, placing them on his cheeks before the lovebirds launched into a passionate make-out session.

"Vince brings out something in Jennifer that brightens her," a source tells People.

"She's constantly belly-laughing when they're together. It's a joy to see."