Topics and Guests: October 18

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Daniel Horowitz (search) says his wife "fought like hell" for her life. We'll get an update on the investigation from Demian Bulwa, with The San Francisco Chronicle.

Plus, we'll be joined by FOX News legal analyst Bob Massi, who was with Horowitz just hours before he called 911 to report his wife's murder.

Did Pamela Vitale (search) have any enemies? We'll get insight from Stacey Finz, reporter for The San Francisco Chronicle.

Horowitz was in the middle of a murder trial when his own wife was killed. Are the crimes connected? We'll be joined by Valerie Harris, technical consultant for the defense in the Susan Polk.

Plus, forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden explains what was found on Pamela Vitale's body and how it could help police catch her killer.

Then, we'll get reaction from Greta's legal eagles:

• Jim Hammer, former San Francisco assistant district attorney
• Bernie Grimm, criminal defense attorney
• Ted Williams, criminal defense attorney

And, a dangerous hurricane is headed towards the U.S. right now. We'll track Hurricane Wilma (search) with Rick Reichmuth at the FOX Weather Center.

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