Murder Mystery

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Tuesday night's show originated from the New York bureau. There was no special reason — like a guest — that took me to New York City, but rather I needed to see some people. I have been "on the road" almost every week since mid-May so I have fallen behind in doing some rather routine things. New York is our network's headquarters.

As it turned out, I also got to be on the set with Dr. Baden instead of by satellite, so we got a chance to talk. I have known him for many years but rarely get to see him in person. Likewise I saw Mrs. Lynne Cheney (search), with whom I worked at CNN years ago (she was the co-host of a weekend show when I worked there.) Mrs. Cheney was a guest on "Hannity & Colmes," so I walked down the hall to their studio before our show to say hello. We did not talk politics — it was a purely social conversation. We even talked about her dog, Dave, who I once spotted trying to get the Secret Service (search) to give him food — preferably cookies. Apparently it was rather routine for Dave to try and hustle food from people. Dave is a very, very, very sweet yellow lab and very, very round. He does not need extra food. At the time I saw him hustling the Secret Service, he needed Dr. Atkins. Bottom line: He is a wonderful dog and seems to enjoy life immensely, like all labs.

There remains the mystery of who murdered legal analyst Daniel Horowitz's (search) wife. I find it odd that she was found clad in underwear and a T-shirt. It suggests to me that she knew her assailant. She would not likely open the door to a stranger dressed like that. Of course, it is also possible the door was not locked so that the clothes are misleading. Note that I said "suggest" and did not say "prove." At this point, I have many suspicions about many people and many aspects of the investigation, which one should in an unsolved crime. Many viewers also have something to say about the way Pamela Vitale (search) was clad when found. See the e-mails below:

E-mail No. 1

Hi Greta,
I was watching your show last night, as I do every night, and the picture of Pamela Vitale came up (the one where she is facing the camera). She looks EXACTLY like Andrea Yates! Thankfully, from what I hear, she was a much better person than Andrea.
Kelli Fleischer
Columbus, OH

E-mail No. 2

Do you know of she was wearing a long oversized T-shirt that may have completely covered her up, as opposed to a short fitted T-shirt? If the T-shirt was more of a nightshirt, it would make sense that this happened in the morning after her husband left the house.
I must admit that I have answered the door a few times in my nightgown if I knew who was at the door, and if I only planned to open the door a few inches and stand behind it out of sight of the person at the door, for example when a neighbor was returning or borrowing something, so I don't think it would be completely strange for her to have opened the door a few inches in an oversized long T-shirt. If she opened the door just a drop, the person may have pushed it open.
The eerie thing is that while I hope her husband is innocent, he obviously knows how to make it look like a crime was committed by someone else and to create an alibi if he was at all responsible.

E-mail No. 3

I have gone to door with panties and shirt too look through peephole, if I know them I yell just a minute, throw on a robe and answer. If I don't know them, I don't say anything. Perhaps she thought the door was locked and it wasn't, the killer walked in catching her unaware. I clean my house in panties and T-shirt, but would never answer the door... but have had husband open door, when I thought the door was locked.
Just a thought,

E-mail No. 4

Maybe Pam thought it was Dan, who had just left and she thought for some reason it was him at the door (maybe he forgot something) and answered it in her T-shirt and panties.

E-mail No. 5

I think the lady was in her underpants and T-shirt because her killer watched her husband leave in the morning and after he left, the killer went to the door. She thought it was her husband coming back because he maybe forgot something. I think she thought it was Dan.
Sandy Trank
Painted Post, NY

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