"Rocky" Again?

Yo Adrian! Rocky is planning another comeback. Fifteen years after starring in Rocky V, Sylvester Stallone is reprising his role as the boxing champ in the sixth Rocky movie.

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"Why not one last bout? It can only be fiction if a guy like Rocky is a champ compared to the real boxing champs of today." — Tommy

“It’s his money, his life, his reputation. Sly can make as many Rocky movies as he wants. You don’t like it? Don’t go see it!” — Ally (Memphis, TN)

"Yo Sylvester! Hang it up your way to old." — Ann

"Geriatric boxing can be fun. There is never any worry about knocking teeth out. 'Down for the count' refers to something entirely different. And, upper cuts can defended against by using your walker." — Bud (Tyler, TX)

"Yo Adrian, one more time!" — Bob (Poway, CA)

"Rocky VI? PLAEEZE! Not again. We already know how the story ends." — Kenda (Canby, OR)

"I would love to see Rocky VI and I don't even like boxing! No one could play the part of Rocky but Stallone." — Marlene

"Yo! I’m all for Sly and the next Rocky Balboa movie if he could endure the punishment he took when he first started this in 1975. Now, thirty years later, I do not know if, in reality, he could endure the same kind of punishment. People will realize that this is only a movie and that his stamina will not be as it was years ago. I know how that is as I try my best at playing tennis after thirty years and my feet do not listen to my brain. I would just as soon shelve the movie as it has run its course and I hate to see his entire career go down on the canvas." — Jerry (Dana Point, CA)

"It's time for him to hang up his gloves. He's had his day. He's too long in the tooth." — Cappy

"Are they making another Rocky because they have a good script and want to make a great movie, or do they suppose that there are enough of us who will go simply because it's another Rocky movie and therefore it will make big bucks regardless of the quality? Answer this and you answer weather they should make another Rocky." — Craig

"Go for it. If George Foreman can do it and use it as a stepping stone to success, why not Rocky Balboa?" — Larry

"Yes, Rocky Balboa should get back into the ring. Other movies go on and on, why can't Rocky? However, the movie won't be a hit without all of the original characters. You go Sly!" — Maureen (Irvington NY)

"Why not? Here's a great title: Rocky VI — The Rocky Balboa Grill! Or how about: Rocky VI — The Italian Stallion Pasta Champ. It worked for George Forman. Come on, they would sell like hotcakes!" — Jesse (Brooklyn, NY)

"Hang up his gloves. He was great in the first five but, really, we don’t need another Rocky. " — Mary