Rights for Neo-Nazis?

A white supremacist group marching along the sidewalks of a racially mixed neighborhood triggered violence over the weekend in Toledo, Ohio. A melee broke out when protesters confronted members of the National Socialist Movement who had gathered at a city park. The city's mayor said the neo-Nazi group had a right to march.

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"The object of the demonstration was hatred and was intended to arouse anger in the residents of the neighborhood. That should not be allowed anywhere." — Ann

"I couldn't give a tinker's damn about neo-Nazis." — Joe (Alabama)

"Every American is afforded the right of free speech, as long as they are not infringing upon the rights of others. That is the price of democracy and freedom. You cannot censor a stupid Nazi no more than you can an anti-war demonstrator. You don't like it – ignore them. It is rather obvious that they are insecure and very sad individuals." — Doug (Louisville, KY)

"I don't think that the neo-Nazis should have been allowed to march. They were not going to be peacefully encouraging any sort of message. Their message is one of hate and fear. It should not be tolerated. Their very existence infringes on the rights of others because they represent an ideology that is about taking away the rights of others. It is not the same thing as an anti-war protest, or a march demanding equal rights. They were allowed to disgrace what this country stands for." — Kenneth (Chicago, IL)

"That mayor should be impeached and removed from office. He endangered the police force and the lives of citizens. He allowed it to occur and is as guilty as anyone who instigated and caused violence. He knew who they were, what they stood for and what neighborhoods they would try to provoke. It is pathetic." — Paul (New York, NY)

"As long as the neo-Nazis have the necessary permits to have a rally or protest, then they should be allowed to do so. This is America and they have the right to believe whatever they want to. Why is this any different than a march by the Nation of Islam? The bottom line is that they were not breaking the law by being there or spouting their hatred and the mayor should have done more to prevent the melee that erupted." — Jenn (Bristol, PA)

"Those boneheads have every right to say what they want, where they want. They also reserve the right to get their butts kicked out of town and handed to them on a platter." — Larry (Hickory, NC)

"Of course they have the right to speak out in public. They have just as much right as gays and lesbians do. I don’t agree with the neo-Nazi movement, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t get to believe in what they want and march along the streets speaking their mind. This is America isn’t it? Last I checked freedom of speech was still allowed here." — Shannon (Minneapolis, MN)

"The city officials demonstrated complete ignorance of the law of the land by granting a permit for such potentially dangerous physical violence to occur! The officials held the power to deny such an obloquy trespass upon their public streets and causeways!" — J.C.

"Gangs threaten the people, homes and businesses in their own neighborhoods. They are a scourge upon society. It does not matter whom or what group gets legal permission to hold a rally anywhere; this is no excuse for anarchy and rioting. This kind of group behavior, displayed in Toledo, is lawlessness and needs to be dealt with harshly to prevent recurrence. Any elected official who makes excuses for these people, and fails to insist on lawful behavior in any neighborhood, has no courage and should be replaced." — Dave (Washington, IA)

"I don't agree with the neo-Nazis views, but they have every right in the world, to peacefully protest or demonstrate. I think they are all a bunch of pathetic losers, but who actually committed the violence? Restraint and resolve was needed to allow the neo-Nazi to make fools out of themselves." — Bobby (Danbury, CT)