Lisa Live: Bare Naked Ladies

I have three new friends, named Holly, Bridget and Kendra. They’re Hugh Hefner’s (search) bodacious paramours, aka “The Girls Next Door” (search) from the E! reality series.

OK, so they’re not really my friends (yet). But I did have a swell time interviewing them and Hef in celebration of the November issue of Playboy, which features all three babes on the cover for the first time.

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If you watch the E! show, you know that Holly is girlfriend No. 1 — the one who shares her bed with Hef and would love to marry him and have his kid.

For now, she’s OK to share him with the other two. At least it’s better than a while back, when Hef had seven girlfriends.

Why the downsizing? Said Hef, “Well, we're emphasizing quality this year. I think I'm slowing down a little bit.”

He’ll be 80 (“and loving it,” he says) in April, which is amazing. Kendra, the youngest, is 20. Yes, that’s nearly 60 years between them, but Kendra’s family doesn’t seem to mind. Hef just had her grandma over to the mansion — no word if any hanky-panky went on there.

What’s interesting is that while daughter Christy runs the business, Hef has always been the image of the brand. Who takes that over when he’s gone?

Replied Hef, “I have two teenage boys — Martin is 15, Cooper is 14 — and they live right next door to the Playboy mansion along with their mama, and they will be joining the company. It's a very nice mix. I think Christy handling the business end and my handling the creative end works very well.”

I asked if the boys already have the silk pajamas.

“Yes, they do.”

Turning to the women, I wanted to know what we don't see on the E! reality show.

“Sex,” Holly said.

See how honest these nice girls are?

Then I asked how else they spend their days, since I can’t imagine there are many dusting duties.

Holly told me that the Halloween party at the mansion is coming up, so she’s spending lots of time on her costume.

“I am going to be Cinderella, and I am adding some rhinestones to the shoes, so that's taking a while.”

Bridget is going to be the Corpse Bride, and Kendra’s costume is “GI Kendra.” For the uninitiated, Kendra is kinda tomboyish, like the Sporty Spice of the group.

Hef said I could come to the party. I’m a little afraid — but awfully tempted — and not sure what costume to wear.

Were if not for the posing nude stuff, I’d think I’d like to be girlfriend No. 4. Mansion, sex, rhinestones, parties — these women are my idols.

The Blair 'Fog' Project

We’ve had so much devastating weather in this country, it’s even coming to the movies. “The Fog” opened this weekend, and horror fans will recognize that it’s a remake of the 1980 John Carpenter film.

Still, as one of my friends put it, “What’s so scary about fog?”

I never saw the original — and must admit I haven’t caught up with the new one yet — so I’m not sure. From what I gather it’s not the fog itself that’s scary, but the creatures that lurk within.

The film stars Tom Welling of "Smallville," and Selma Blair — who said she actually had moments of being scared on set. To overcome them, she relied on her co-stars’ bad breath.

“When I get scared I try and think, ‘OK, the actors just came back from lunch. Their breath smells like garlic,” she said with a laugh. “When I get too into a movie, I try and take away points: ‘We all have pretty good lives and the fog probably isn't gonna hurt us. We're probably safe.’”

Welling is a hunk and a half, and that wasn’t lost on Blair.

“We had one scene together and I flubbed it up,” she said. “I was way too taken with him to get through the scene. I really made a stinker of it. He’s so gorgeous.”

Of course, her real-life hubby is pretty hot, too. He’s Ahmet Zappa, son of the late Frank Zappa, and brother to Moon Unit and Dweezil.

“Frank was such a pioneer,” Blair said. “An amazing composer and musician. I'm very honored to be associated with that family … They're odd and wonderful and complicated and great.”

Additional reporting by Alicia Rancilio.