So Long, Matt!

It was a weird week here in New York as we get set to welcome another Iraqi election and deal with a bizarre eight straight days of driving rain. Compared to the hurricane and earthquake victims, this is not even on the charts, but all this rain for all this time really messes with your "things to do" list at home and at work.

For example, I always feel I can get from one place to another in New York without an umbrella only to realize this time this week I was soaked to the bone and still blocks from work. For the first time I was forced to give in and buy an $11 umbrella at the Gap — because there was just not any other option or store to stop into. Here I am trying to look cool, darting back to FOX with a stone-washed denim umbrella and it's just impossible to look cool while holding it.

As for Friday's show, the big controversy was the definition and use of the word "supple." I say it's "quick and flexible," others say it's only used to describe a breast. You make the call!

From Karl Rove (search) to Harriet Miers (search) to Madonna, we covered it all. But the sleeper star of the show was our 6:15 a.m. ET guest, Carole Basri. She's an Iraqi-American who worked for Paul Bremer and simply knows more about the country than anyone else I have met. She talked on and off camera with a reality on the ground, which I have not heard. And she is not pleased with Paul Bremer's stay at Iraqi headman. Do you know for $30 a head there would not have been a Sadr Army and if we'd listened to al-Sistani (search) we would have paid the local tribes to watch their own border with Syria and Iran and had a quick election months — not years — after the invasion blew out the Baathists? And yes, she says they never should have fired the Saddam's army. This was all Bremer and all bad! Do you know the Iraqi's major concern (outside security) is getting to the bottom of the Oil-for-Food (search) scandal? Me either! I had no idea they cared about the huge U.N. fiasco.

Finally, this week was a big good bye to Matt Singerman's reign as "FOX & Friends" executive producer. He'll get the keys to the TV Guide channel and Dave Clark takes over Monday for us. Matt really righted our ship in 2000 and we later found how close we came to be cancelled as a show. Our rise in ratings had much to do with him and his balanced way of handling the talent and the staff. He will be missed a great deal, but he needs show business and show business needs him!

Thanks so much for all your support for my book, "The Games Do Count" and if you'd like signed copy of the paperback or hardcover just go to and I'll make it happen.

Have a great day and stay dry.


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