Out-of-the-Ordinary NewsFor the Week of October 10

Out-of-the-ordinary news from the folks at "Studio B"...

The 'Signs' That Suggest the Marriage Is Over

A British man with the initials JBS really wants a divorce. We know this because he made his feelings public this week, hanging a giant banner from a highway overpass in southern England. It read, "Wendy, I want a divorce. JBS"

Turns out Wendy got the message because a couple days later — under the same overpass — drivers saw another banner. It read, "No way. You are the cheat. Wendy"

Marriage advisers are urging the couple to seek counseling.

Married, Without Parole

He was sentenced to nine months house arrest for violating Italian immigration laws. An Algerian man, ordered to serve his time with his Italian wife by his side.

Turns out she wasn't a very good cellmate. He went back to the judge, on his hands and knees, and begged him to go to jail. He said he just couldn't take her nagging anymore and he would rather be behind bars where he could have some peace. The judge agreed and now he's in the big house — instead of the doghouse.

Smoking or Non-Smoking Cave?

No pool, no HBO, no continental breakfast — and there are a few vacancies.

An 89-year-old guy in Idaho is now offering caves for $5/night. They have a great view of the Salmon River Rapids. He's spent years carving them out. And he says you can even be a miner if you bring your own pick.

The man — affectionately know as "Dugout Dick" — is himself a cave resident. A few tourists from overseas have tried it out and the underground wasn't exactly for them. "Dugout Dick" says the caveman life is not for everyone. But he's expecting business to pick up — anytime now.

'Time'-Tested Key to Safe Driving

Back in 1925, Henry Ford sold the Model T (search) as the "car for the masses." The average price of gas was $0.22. And that was the last time one driver had a fender bender.

A 100-year-old man from Belgium just got an insurance discount because of his 80-year flawless record. He says the secret to his success is that he only drives 25 miles per hour. He plans to stop driving when he turns 110.

Fill 'er Up

A good bargain is hard to find these days — especially at the pump. That's why the cars were lining up outside one convenient store in Lincoln, Nebraska for premium gas.

One driver was on 'E' and he only spent $4 to fill 'er up. Another guy, who drives a gas-guzzling '98 Ford F-150 tank, spent $3.50 — total — on premium. Then the manager found out that the decimal point was in the wrong place on the sign. So the woman — who will remain nameless — was selling gasoline for $0.29/gallon. According to AAA, gas hasn't been that cheap since 1955.

The average price of gas in Nebraska these days is $2.93.