A Volunteer’s Story: Updates!

FEMA bouncing checks — The problem has been corrected but FEMA is still a major cog in the wheel of progress.

Pearlington, Mississippi needing Porta-Potties — I called Gov. Haley Barbour's office in Mississippi and spoke to a gentleman named Max Wells. Mr. Wells has been accommodating and has made a great effort to help me get the people of Pearlington and the Porta-Potties that they so desperately needed

Pearlington, Mississippi needing trailers — As a result of my calls to Gov. Haley Barbour's office, we began getting trailers into Pearlington and the Jordan River Shores area of Kiln. Then last Thursday I believe, October 27th, Sen. Trent Lott had a representative in Pearlington who took notes. In as much as it was two months after the storm, at least it happened. A great deal of Pearlington has received trailers in the last week.

Lastly, I am organizing a Thanksgiving dinner and a Christmas party for these communities. Any and all support would be extremely welcomed and appreciated, especially by the people down South. I already spoke to a mom who is worried about Christmas. With a little bit of effort from a great deal of people, we will make a difference in many lives. More details to come!

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