Saddam Hussein on Trial

Sat., Oct. 15, at 10 p.m. ET

Hosted by Dan Senor

Saddam Hussein's (search) war crimes trial begins this month and FOX News got unprecedented access behind the scenes at the Iraqi Special Tribunal.

This special one-hour documentary includes exclusive interviews with judges, prosecutors and witnesses, a first-time look inside the courtroom, and an examination of the evidence against Saddam and the legal strategies to convict him.

Host Dan Senor also interviews a leading member of Saddam’s legal team, who predicts the Saddam will walk free after cutting a last minute deal with the United States.

The special also includes a rare interview with Ambassador L. Paul Bremer who headed the Coalition Provisional Authority after the Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Before joining FOX News, Senor worked as a top aide to Bremer in Iraq