Republican Family Feud?

A Beltway battle over Bush's Supreme Court nominee was expected, but when the president named White House counsel Harriet Miers most of the protests came from fellow Republicans — Some are even calling for her to withrdaw!

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"I wish the Republican Party could recognize a win when it comes to them. Our leader picked her. We need to support the president and Ms. Miers. Let the Democrats fight over this stuff. She will do fine!" — Richard (Eugene, OR)

"Good old fashioned common sense has always been the best judge of humankind. It seems that Harriet Miers has more common sense than most. I don’t see the problem." — Reggie (Birmingham, AL)

"I find the whole situation regarding the selection of Ms. Meirs as a potential Supreme Court justice amusing. Simple put, there are currently seven justices on the Supreme Court who were selected by a committee of so-called conservative experts. Only two of the seven selections rose to their expectations. Not very good odds. Perhaps President Bush has come to the same conclusion. The president beat the odds by selecting someone he knows will meet the true test of time." — John

"Rove, I mean Bush knows what he's doing." — Eddie (New York, NY)

"I think that we should give the president's choice a shot at the job, although I can understand the frustration of the republicans that are questioning her qualifications. This is a real opportunity to change the direction of the court, and I, for one, think that it needs changing. I hope that her appointment will do that." — Tom (Walkersville, MD)

"You either trust the president, or you don't. I TRUST Him!!!! Some Republicans think you have to go to prestigious colleges or universities or earn your way to the Supreme Court. I think she will be a Great Justice." — Chris

"I think Republicans need to trust President Bush. No president is ever assured the person they nominate for the Supreme Court will turn out to be the Justice they are suppose to be. Maybe all the ‘more qualified’ persons turned down the chance to serve in the Supreme Court. Republicans need to stay united and not divided or we’re just paving the way for the Dems to move in on us." — D. (Georgia)

"Miers is a joke. Bush continues to make a mockery of democracy. I think he doesn't even know the true definition of the word. He thinks that cronyism is democracy. He thinks democracy and leadership equate lying to Americans about Iraq, the war on terror and the Saudis. He failed on Katrina, on Iraq, and on the war on terror." — Scott (Tulsa, OK)

"Well, Miers described Bush as 'brilliant.' That in itself makes me question her ability to judge!" — Sally (Charlotte, NC)

"According to Bush, running an Arabian horse organization is a great qualification to run FEMA since he gave that post to his old pal Mike Brown. We know how that turned out. Now Bush wants to have another old pal of his as a Supreme Court Justice. It makes sense, seeing how she used to run the Texas lotto. How in the hell did a complete idiot get into the White House? Oh yeah, the Supreme Court! Ugh!" — Dave (Los Angeles, CA)

"My fellow Republicans need to stick together and stay on message. Look at the disaster the lack of clarity has caused the Democratic Party. Miers is a fine choice." — Eddie

"I agree with president George Bush on his nominee, Harriet Miers. You expected liberals to fight the president, as they fight everything he tries. You do not expect the Republicans to oppose him, unless you are also trying to defeat him." — Eilleen

"What's the big fuss about? Most appointed judges didn't have experience so what's the big deal about Miers? My goodness, some people are impossible to satisfy." — Virginia (Metlakatla, AK)

"It is a shame that grown up people get by acting like spoiled kids. There are NO Statesmen in the congress today." — Robert (Ridgefield, WA)

"The president should quietly ask Ms. Miers to step aside. He should then give both sides the fight they've been wanting and nominate Janice Rogers Brown." — Scott (Cincinnati, OH)

"I think George Bush knows exactly what he's doing and his fellow Republicans should trust him and back his decision. The trouble with the Republican party is that most of it's members have no guts to stand up against the Democrats. We gain a majority and it does us little good because everyone is afraid to take a chance that something might go wrong and they will not be re-elected to office." — Judy