Stones Rolling Out Music Vid on Soap Opera

Rock 'n' roll is dead — the Rolling Stones (search) have inked a deal to debut their latest video on the NBC soap opera "The Days of our Lives" (search) next week.

The video of "Streets of Love" will make its world premiere on the show Tuesday and then serve as background music during key scenes for the next four weeks.

The marketing tie-in is meant to promote the Stones' latest album, "A Bigger Bang," and mark the 40th anniversary of "Days of Our Lives," which premiered on Nov. 8, 1965 — the same year Mick Jagger (search) and Keith Richards (search) wrote the seminal anti-commercial anthem, "Satisfaction." That irony was lost on NBC executives.

"I can't imagine a more exciting way to celebrate the 40th landmark year of 'Days of our Lives' than with the Rolling Stones," gushed Sheraton Kalouria, NBC Daytime's senior vice president.

"It is truly a reflection on the show's connection with pop culture and a testament to its continued popularity after 40 years on television."

A spokeswoman for the Stones did not return calls, but a marketing executive from Virgin Records (search) made it clear the Stones' partnership with "Days of our Lives" is not an artistic endeavor.

"The show was the perfect vehicle for promoting the Rolling Stones," the executive, Randy Miller, told Variety. He noted that "Days of Our Lives" is daytime television's top-rated show among young women — the very population that used to throw itself at the Stones.

But with Mick Jagger pushing 63, time time time is no longer on his side.