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What does it take? On Tuesday night we did a segment on a stolen $7 million large private jet. The jet was stolen from a Florida airport and taken to a Georgia airport, landed, and abandoned. No one — except those involved — saw the take off or the landing. At best, the authorities only know a jet was stolen and flown. They have no idea who did it or what cargo, if any, was transported.

What I don't understand is how does this happened post 9/11? With all our attention on security at airports and with airplanes, how did this happen? What didn't we learn? This should be a wake up call about security flaws since we know airplanes can be used as bombs.

I am having a hard time thinking what Beth Holloway Twitty (search) can do that she has not already done. Any ideas? At this point she accepts her daughter's death (although I imagine a small part of her still has some hope until she has absolute proof.) She wants to know what happened, why it happened and of course would like to see justice. In the many days I spent with her in Aruba, we often spoke about how every other parents' nightmare was a dream for her. Most — if not all — parents would be heartbroken to find a daughter in a prostitution ring and addicted to crack. But at this point, Beth would be thrilled to find Natalee in that situation. It would mean her child were alive. She would love the chance to "fix" her child. Instead she finds herself in the position of seeking justice for her child and the chances of justice seem slim at this point.

Now for some e-mails from viewers — and yes, randomly grabbed:

E-mail No. 1

If Laura Ingle is the new Dallas correspondent, what happened to Phil Keating?
Big Lake, TX

ANSWER: Phil is now in the Boston bureau. He will cover the northeast part of U.S. and on Tuesday was reporting from New Hampshire. In this business, there is lots of moving around.

E-mail No. 2 — This next e-mail was prompted by Tuesday's blog in which I posted some Hurricane Katrina (search) domain names on sale on eBay and asked you what you thought of people registering Katrina domain names and then putting them up for sale:

Hi Greta,
What's in a name? Grrrreat question, Greta! It seems entrepreneurs selling domain names on eBay have done quite well and still doing so, found a few samples. $3,350,000 $1,100,000 $823,000 $1,000,000 $1,030,000 $3,000,000 $835,000 $700,000 $2,200,000 $1,000,000 $3,300,000 $5,000,000 $475,000 $975,000 $530,000 $500,000 $460,000 $190,000 $120,000 $100,000 $119,000 $198,895 $7,500,000
Just to name a few.
Quality generic domain names have become almost impossible to find — prices will continue to escalate dramatically in the future.
P.S. I got a fantastic one for sale.
B.D. Spicer

E-mail No. 3

There is already too much scandal and thievery going on, further victimizing the displaced hurricane survivors. eBay should not allow something like that to sell. They have specific rules and try to enforce spoof emails and fake eBay Web sites. eBay and PayPal offered ways to contribute money to relief efforts from the beginning. The ability to continue with this kind of 'sale' would damage the donating spirit for next time and there will be a next time somewhere. These 'sellers' must not be DirecTV subscribers, or they would know about the channel that was set up just for personal messages and travel information. At this point in the effort, why is there even a legitimate need for such a thing?
Carrie Crippen
Effingham, IL

E-mail No. 4

These people trying to capitalize on other's misfortune need to be shut down. I cannot believe eBay is allowing this to be auction and/or sold. Maybe they don't know... maybe I should tell them... hmm.
Bessemer, AL

E-mail No. 5

I read one of your e-mailers and I would never insult you in that manner but she does have a point, but you aren't the only one. Many have forgotten about MS, AL, TX and FL. I know that there were more deaths down there in LA and those people deserve attention and pleas for help but so do those west and east of New Orleans. I went down there a few weeks ago to help with the cleanup and there is much need down there. Houses have to be gutted (meaning sheet rock removed). Some houses don't need to be gutted completely just up to a certain point (up to where the water was) but if it doesn't get worked on now the mold will grow up and the whole house will have to be gutted. Most of these people cannot afford to have these houses professionally gutted, so they depend on volunteers. So you see why some might be concerned when news coverage is just on one area. The problem is massive hundreds a miles along the coastline. They need so many volunteers down in that area. You are a true and kind reporter and I have very deep respect for you. I know it's truly overwhelming to you as well. I just wanted to explain why some might be upset.

If you watched Tuesday night's show, you know the news about Geoffrey Fieger (search). If you did not, let me tell you the news here so that you understand the next emails. Geoff is going to run for state attorney general in the state of Michigan. A few years back he ran for governor and lost, but maybe his luck has changed. One thing is clear: The race will not be dull, since Geoff is never dull. I don't know if Geoff will win or not, or whether he would be a good state attorney general, but I am certain the race will be exciting. I am curious what you think of Geoff as a possible state attorney general.

E-mail No. 6

Go Geoff! Please tell him I'm behind him... though I don't live in Michigan. That's great to hear!
Amy Hall
Foster City, CA

E-mail No. 7

Terrific news about Geoff Fieger! He's a shoe-in! Also liked Ted in the purple last week!
Alicia Land

ANSWER: Alicia, I read Ted the last sentence of your e-mail and he laughed. Bernie teased him.

E-mail No. 8

Dear Greta,
You are my favorite FOX evening program. I truly appreciate your precise questioning and thorough demeanor.
However I am truly disappointed in this one aspect. That is your giving credence to Geoffrey Fieger. I admit I enjoy his assessments. However I used to live in Michigan, during the days of Kevorkian (search) with Fieger defended him, and all of his antics before and during the trial. He didn't just defend Kevorkian, he agreed wholeheartedly with him. He was nobody before Kevorkian and used it to catapult himself into the national eye. And now you know something about his moral compass. And I'm truly disappointed that you are promoting him as a candidate for Michigan attorney general. Which I find neither fair nor balanced. You didn't even mention his opponent's name at the very least. And I'm totally disappointed that you've given him such public exposure as to lend credence to his practice. Even though I no longer live in Michigan I still remember vividly both Kevorkian and his defense attorney. Until the election is over I don't think you should use him at all on your program, nor even mention him. He's going to get enough residual notice every time you have the other four on and people remember that he used to be one of them. You may like him, but he is using you for entirely one purpose to promote himself. Just remember that. And maybe he's to busy to be on with the campaign etc. — I haven't seen him in awhile, if so good.

ANSWER: We did mention the opponent's name in the report last night. Perhaps I said it too fast and you missed it. Until the election is over, I don't know if we will put him on the show. That is a decision that won't be made until I have a discussion with my seniors.

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