Gonzales Gives Support to Supreme Court Nominee

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales (search) asserted Wednesday that Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers would bring "a unique brand of experience" to the high court and that critics will feel comfortable when they get to know her.

Gonzales, himself once considered a leading candidate for a vacancy there, said there is "nothing unique or earth-shattering" about Miers' nomination and said people should give her time to say who she is and what she believes.

President Bush (search) "has a wonderful track record" in naming judges, Gonzales, a longtime Bush aide and confidant, said in an interview on ABC's "Good Morning America. He said the Miers nomination "is consistent with that model."

"She is a person who believes in judicial restraint, understands the proper role of a judge," Gonzales said. "She is uniquely qualified. She will bring a diversity of experience."

"She is going to bring, in my judgment, a unique brand of experience to the court that will strengthen the court," Gonzales added when asked about criticism, much of it from conservative Republicans, that Miers lacks legal stature for the job.

As confirmation hearings commence, likely in November, people will have a chance to learn more about Miers, who succeeded Gonzales in the position of White House counsel, he noted.

Gonzales said he shares Bush's confidence in Miers' confirmation prospects and predicted that the controversy will fade after people have had an "ample opportunity" to hear from her.

He also reiterated Bush's statement that Miers was not asked to state her views on the Roe v. Wade decision giving women a constitutional right to abortion.

"There is no litmus test at the White House," Gonzales said.

Asked in an interview on FOX News Channel's "Fox & Friends" about criticisms of cronyism from some Democrats because of her longtime friendship with Bush, Gonzales said, "I don't think you should be disqualified from being considered for an important position simply because you have a relationship with the person making the decision on who to nominate. You have to look first at a person's qualifications."