DoE: Avg Retail Gas Price Down 8 Cents

U.S. drivers got a big break at the pump over the last week as the average price for gasoline fell 8 cents to $2.85 a gallon, but truckers faced another record price for diesel fuel, the government's top energy forecasting agency said Tuesday.

The national price for regular unleaded gasoline is up 86 cents from a year earlier, based on the Energy Information Administration's (search) weekly survey of service stations.

The average price truckers paid for diesel fuel rose a slight 0.6 cent to a new record of $3.15 a gallon, up $1.06 from a year ago, the Energy Department's (search) analytical arm said. prices high.

Eight refineries remain shut down along the Gulf Coast (search), accounting for about 900,000 barrels a day in lost gasoline production and 500,000 barrels a day in lost output of distillate fuel including diesel fuel and heating oil, according to the Energy Department.

In the EIA's weekly survey, the lower Atlantic states had the most expensive regional gasoline price, even though it was down 8.3 cents to $2.94 a gallon. San Francisco topped the survey of cities, with gasoline up 2.1 cents to $3.02 a gallon.

The Midwest had the cheapest gasoline at $2.76 a gallon, down 14 cents. Among major cities, Cleveland had the cheapest fuel, which was down 14.2 cents to $2.77 a gallon.

The EIA report also showed prices, rounded to the nearest penny, down 4.1 cents to $2.96 in Miami, down 1.5 cents to $2.85 in Houston, down 1.4 cents at $2.84 in Seattle, down 8 cents at $2.83 in Chicago, down 5.6 cents at $2.83 in New York City and down 8.7 cents at $2.79 in Boston.

Separately, truckers in the lower Atlantic states paid the most for diesel at $3.25 a gallon, down 3.1 cents cents from last week, but up $1.21 from last year, the EIA said.

The New England region had the cheapest diesel at $2.95 a gallon, down 6.5 cents from last week, but 74 cents higher from a year ago, the agency said.