Do We Have Two Enemies in Iraq: Zarqawi and Iran?

George Bush has a big moment this weekend when the Iraqi people turn out to vote on the constitution.

But both Bush and Tony Blair (search) are having big problems in Iraq and they've got to do something about it.

What can they do? They can lean on Iran — lean very hard.

You hear the stories coming out of the south of Iraq, Basra (search), where the Brits were in charge from day one of the war. All of a sudden reporters are getting killed by death squads in police uniforms driving police cars. A Brit tank is attacked by gangs of youth with Molotov cocktails setting some Brit soldiers on fire. And the Brits have to bust into a jail to free a few of their own soldiers.

Who's at the bottom of this? Just locals chafing under British occupation? Only if you listen to George Galloway. It's far more likely the Iranian Shiite mullahs in Tehran are running things and causing trouble for Blair because they know they can get away with it. The Brits aren't going to attack Iran.

In Baghdad, 20 bodies of Sunnis turn up, shot execution style. Who's to blame? Maybe the Sadr militia, also with strong ties to Tehran.

If not, somebody write me and make the case we should look somewhere else.

Sure Syria is a problem — foreign fighters come in from Damascus — and we should probably lean on Syria.

By the way, lean on in this context probably means threats and when they're ignored, bombing.

But the other party that probably should be leaned on very heavy is the Iranians.

The Brits actually determined that the arms for a specific attack against them came from Iran.

The Americans would have plenty of reason to believe that some of the attacks against our troops are orchestrated or even carried out by Iran.

So do we have two enemies in Iraq: Zarqawi (search) and Iran?

Sure and they are probably both working on us while they angle and position to go after each other when we're out of the way.

If we're ever going to have the result in Iraq nearly 2,000 Americans have died for, we have to be the ones who get somebody out of the way and that somebody is Iran.

That's My Word.

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