Colombia Nabs $188M of Cocaine

Colombia's navy on Tuesday seized $188 million worth of cocaine, believed to have belonged to rebels, that was hidden in underground chambers next to a river deep in southwestern jungles.

Navy intelligence learned of the cocaine's location after intercepting a radio transmission between alleged members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (search), or FARC, said Adm. Jairo Pena, commander of Colombia's Pacific fleet.

"The cocaine was found in two underground chambers that were buried and covered in thicket, near the banks of the Mira River (search)," Pena told The Associated Press.

About 60 navy soldiers took part in the operation, which hauled in about 8.3 tons of cocaine. No arrests were made.

Colombia's navy has seized a record 102 tons of cocaine this year. Colombia is the world's biggest producer of the drug.