Your Dream Ticket in 2008?

The latest FOX News poll finds that many Americans remember Rudy Giuliani's leadership in a time of crisis and rate him higher than several other potential 2008 presidential contenders as a "strong and decisive leader." In addition to candidate attributes, the new poll also looks at some possible presidential matchups for the next election. Read more.

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Who would be on YOUR dream ticket for the White House in 2008?

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"Condi Rice. Who else?" — Sheri (California)

"My dream ticket: Rudy Giuliani for president and Condoleezza Rice for vice president." — Todd (Mahomet, IL)

"For the Republicans: Giuliani-McCain or Rice-Powell. For the Democrats: Clinton-Edwards or Edwards-Obama." — Johnny

"Anybody who is not liberal. Perhaps Tom Delay?" — Scott (Lenoir City, TN)

"Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes! Why not? Anything's better than what we've got." — Jackie (Memphis, TN)

"I really want to see McCain run with a strong, moderate Democrat as vice president. McCain and Giuliani would be a great pair, but Giuliani couldn't sit still as a veep." — Freddy (Brooklyn, NY)

"Neil Cavuto! His head is big enough to run for president and vice president! I love you Neil!" — Sammy (Providence, RI)

"I would like to see Newt Gingrich as president and Condoleezza Rice as his Vice President." — Les (Wray, CO)

"I don't believe that just because Giuliani showed leadership on 9/11 that he should be a prime candidate for president. Heck, I thought Bush did a great job on and after 9/11, now look at him. My dream ticket for 2008 would consist of nominees with a brain to run this country!" — Amanda (Dayton, OH)

"Rudy Giuliani for president, Jeb Bush for vice president. Yeah!" — Sue (Auburn Hills, MI)

"My first pick is Fred Dalton Thompson. He probably won’t take the pay cut from Law and Order though. My second pick is Jeb Bush. I live in Florida and would hate to see him go, but he is a brilliant man." — Wesley

"It's going to be Hillary Clinton to beat. I'd be happy with any number of running mates, but my short list is: Obama, Edwards, or Ford." — Kenny (Charlotte, NC)

"It IS about time for a female president, but NOT Hillary. It's Condoleezza's time! But, she sadly wouldn't win America on the first outing. She would need to run for vice president. McCain, Giuliani, or Powell would have my vote as long as she was on the bill." — Dave (San Diego, CA)

"I think Charles Schumer and Barbara Boxer should run respectively as president and vice president!" — Jack (Jersey City, NJ)

"I cannot think of a better presidential candidate than Rudy Giuliani. I believe he would win a popular vote from the people of the United States, if not the politicians who are constantly seeks to cover their rears from misdeeds, and outright crimes. He is a can do kind of guy and has no qualms of doing his job correctly." — Franklin (Merritt Island, FL)

"I would vote for Rudy in a New York Minute. John McCain is too much of a maverick. He seems to do what he wants regardless of the party. Hillary is too Left regardless of the image she is trying to portray. A tiger can't change its stripes and she can't change her bias either. Condoleezza Rice hasn't got the image of a powerful enough person to make a good president; maybe a number two position." — Dan (New Canaan, CT)

"The dream ticket would be Rudy Giuliani as president and Condi Rice as vice president." — Jim

"Mitt Romney and Condoleezza Rice in 2008!" — Debbie

"Fred Thompson and Condoleeza Rice in 2008!" — Gene (Hernando, MS)

"Neil Cavuto and Sean Hannity in 2008!" — Karen (Columbia, SC)

"Dream Ticket 2008: Paul Harvey and Bill O'Reilly, aka 'Common Sense and Conviction.' It would put politics all asunder." — Jean (Springdale, AR)

"My dream ticket for 2008 would be unbeatable: Colin Powell for President and Rudy Giuliani as his running mate." — Doug (Easton, MD)

"You have not listed the best candidates for either party who are the most likely to get their party’s nod. For Republicans, better choices would be Gingrich, Fritch, or Hannity. For Democrats, perhaps, Dean, Sheehan, or Jackson." — Sheridan