Topics and Guests for October 1

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Another hurricane is expected to hit land this October — and it may even hit the Gulf Coast. The hurricane season does not end until November 30 and a forecast group is predicting that October will see two hurricanes, one of them reaching Category 3, 4 or 5. Why are we seeing so many hurricanes this season? We'll get the lowdown from Joe Bastardi, senior meteorologist at

The New York Fire Department came very close to swearing in a Muslim chaplain who believes the 9/11 hijackers were not responsible for the falling of the twin towers. How many people with radical beliefs are infiltrating our institutions, prisons and military? We'll get insight from Steve Emerson, author of "American Jihad," and Irshad Manji, author of "The Trouble with Islam."

Then, Undersecretary of State Karen Hughes has been sent to Muslim regions to reach out to Muslim women and help improve America's image. Her "listening tour" is aimed at Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. So how do Muslim women feel about their status in the 21st Century? We'll ask Asma Hasan, author of "Why I Am a Muslim."

Plus, are fringe religions like Scientology (search) and Kabbalah (search) using celebrities to gain influence over people and government? We'll ask James Hirsen, author of "Hollywood Gods" and celebrity journalist Jeanne Wolf.

Those stories and more on this Saturday's "Heartland."

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