Name Baby TomKat!

Actors Tom Cruise (search) and Katie Holmes (search), who were engaged in June after a mind-spinningly fast romance, are expecting a baby, the Web site for the celebrity magazine reported Wednesday.

FNC wants to hear from YOU!

What name do YOU suggest for the little TomKat to-be?

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"Wynn A. Cruise? Luxury Cruise?" — Perry (Wisconsin)

"Who cares? I know, they can name the baby E.T., since they are both freaks about their so-called religion of Scientology. Poor kid!" — Melissa (Louisiana)

"How's Wishihadgrownupsforparents TomKat Cruise-Holmes?" — Nancy

"Who cares if Tom Cruise and his gal pal are having a baby." — Luis (El Paso, TX)

"Isn’t it a sad state of affairs when we get all excited about an announcement of a child out of wedlock? Whatever the name of the baby, I already feel sorry for the turmoil that he or she will have to endure emotionally due to having parents who are not capable or do not have the fortitude to wait until marriage to have intercourse. How very sad our society to condone such actions." — Charlie

"Much ado about nothing. Cruise is such a nut, he no longer entertains us."— Madelyne (Wilsonville, AL)

"How about Nick if it's a boy and Nicole if it's a girl?" — Jodi (Concord, NH)

"Since Tom is so against pills, I say name the baby Brooke Shields Cruise for a girl and Rush Limbaugh Cruise for a boy." — Steve

"Spare me. Who cares what they name it! I just hope I don't have to see it." Rob (Minnesota)

"Congratulations to the new parents, but I do not think that the readers should waste their time naming the baby. That is a very personal thing that Tom and Katie should decide." — Mercedes (Royal Palm Beach, FL)

"If the TomKat baby is a boy, I suggest L. Ronald Cruise. If the TomKat baby is a girl, I suggest L. Rhonda Cruise." — John

"I would like to suggest Nutsami to correlate with the environ this child will have to endure." — Tom (Knoxville, TN)

"Another illegitimate Hollywood child...who cares what they name the kid. How about we stop celebrating every time an unmarried couple conceives a child?" — Miriam (Indianapolis, IN)

"How about Mork if it’s a boy and Mindy if it’s a girl? Seems fitting somehow." — David

"TomKat's baby's name: either Katherine Marie Cruise or Thomas Edward Cruise." — Martha (Fort Worth, TX)

"I guess millions of teenagers who aren't getting adequate training at home from their parents are now saying: 'See? They did it, what's the problem?' Once again, strike one up for Hollywood and one less in the morals column. In case you haven't noticed, Hollywood seems to have a zero sum relationship with morals." — Scott (Cincinnati, OH)

"Well since celebrities like really long names with a city, fruit, or comic book name in it I would go for: Kiwi Rome Gotham Holmes Cruise. Hopefully maybe they will go with a name the kid can live with for the rest of his or hers life!" — Jenn (Cape Cod, MA)

"Who cares? I'm sick of seeing the two of them on every piece of printed-paper and every news camera. Tom Cruise has become too big for his britches anyway." — Kenneth

"How about Stupid?" — Cindy

"Since Nicholas Cage named his son Kal-El after Superman, I think, if a boy, they should name it Bruce Wayne Cruise, since Katie is in 'Batman Begins.' " — Brent (Ft. Wayne, IN)