Tom DeLay — Guilty or Not Guilty?

Shadowed by scandal, Republicans face an uncertain time after a day of upheaval that left Tom DeLay under indictment and forced to surrender his powerful post as Majority Leader.

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"Tom DeLay is getting what he gave!" — Gladys (Frisco, TX)

"The Dems are just grasping at straws. The charges are unfounded. It's politics as usual." — Bob (Miami, FL)

"The story is NOT DeLay, or any other Republican for that matter. The real story is that the Democrats are making up false charges (again), because they can't beat the Republicans at the polls. They are getting their butts handed to them intellectually, so they have to resort to cheap shots like these phony conspiracy charges." — David (Minnesota)

"See Tom running around. See Tom's hand. See Tom's hand in cookie jar. Bad Tom, Bad! Repeat ten times." — Stan (Missouri)

"No! Tom DeLay is NOT guilty! The liberal whacko are going to keep throwing stuff at him until they think it will stick. The Dems can’t get their power back with ballots, so now they’ve stooped to this low level." — H.J.

"There's nothing political or partisan about the prosecutor. Of the last 15 cases Earle took, 12 where against Democrats. There goes the far-Right's story. So far that's DeLay's pathetic defense, along with being proud that he has been brought up on numerous ethical violations." —Maria

"Tom Delay is innocent until proven guilty. This is another incident where the court and their henchmen are trying to control the government." — Dan

"It's about time DeLay went to jail. His initial defense was to cite all the times he has been brought up on ethical charges?! Only in Washington." — Kip (Newton, NC)

"Tom DeLay is innocent and these are trumped up charges." — Ed & Bev (Apple Valley, CA)

"When a politician claims partisan politics is to blame I usually suspect the politician did something wrong. We won’t know about DeLay's guilt or innocence until he has his day in court. What we do know is that a jury of his peers found there was enough evidence to warrant a criminal trial and the Ethics Committee has censured DeLay three times. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and maybe, fired." — Chris (Groton, NY)

"When Tom DeLay was on with Sean Hannity, his defense was to remark how he's used to having ethics charges brought up against him. Is he delusional? Pathetic. What's worse is how no Republican is coming out to renounce him. It's all a show." — Doug (Cleveland, OH)

"It's purely political and, if things go as usual, we'll (Republicans) step aside, not fight because we're so genteel, and let the Dems win another round! Wish SOMEBODY would stand up and fight out loud for Tom!" — Linda (Brandon, MS)

"Tom DeLay's indictment stinks to high heaven. The one who should be indicted is the prosecutor!" — Allen

"It is really sad how a small minded politician can influence our country. I think it is clear to anyone who objectively looks at this indictment that it is pure politics. The Democratic Party cannot beat the Republicans with ideas or at the polls, so they turn to dirty political tricks. Mr. DeLay will be found innocent or his case will be thrown out. The district attorney has spoken about this case in public speeches, again showing his political motivation and disregard for the law. This is a terrible example of political corruption." — Steve (Discovery Bay, CA)

"Tom Delay is and will be found not guilty if this ever even goes to trial. When that day comes Mr. Earl should be step down or be relieved of his position for wasting the tax payers time and money, for pursuing personal political vendettas instead of serious criminal activity, and for damage to Mr. DeLay's character. If anyone would simply look at the facts, the motives are obvious. It’s not a blind defense of Mr. DeLay, I’m a Texas Republican and I don’t care much for him personally but this is wrong." — Tom

"The indictment against Tom DeLay is not about Tom DeLay at all, it IS about Ronnie Earle, and the democrats continuous attacks on the Republican party in general and more specifically on President George W. Bush! An indictment does not equate to guilty." — Perry (Meridian, ID)

"Tom Delay is the very things he accuses the prosecutor, Mr. Earle, of being: a fanatic partisan, a reckless flinger of allegations against adversaries, and a liar. He’s too dumb to even realize it. He is the worst to represent the Republican Party and they won’t miss him when he’s gone." — Joe

"He has had his hand slapped three times in the last few years. Where there's smoke, there's fire!" — David

"It's about time that Tom DeLay is caught for his sneaky dealings." — Buddy

"It's just a liberal, Democratic witch hunt. When all this plays out ant the truth is revealed, this will set the Democratic Party back yet another step in the public’s eyes." Kevin (Phoenix, AZ)

"No man is above the law. He will have his day in court." — Ken