The New DaySide — Haiku From You!

FOX Fans have been raving about the new “DaySide,” (weekdays, 1pm ET) co-hosted by Juliet Huddy and Mike Jerrick. So we asked you to wax poetic, with "DaySide" as your muse. Below are some submissions in response to our call for haiku. Silly? You bet.

Want to have some fun?
See the "DaySide" Show on FOX
Every day at one.
Lovette (Atlanta, GA)

Juliet is HOT!
Mike, on the other hand, NOT!
This GREAT show, I've got!
Raider (Tulsa, OK)

Everyone on Earth
East side, west side, "DaySide" too
Thanks heaven for FOX News!
Joyce (NJ)

Hubby says Huddy
Has an aura about her —
He has knot on head.
Debbie (Harrison, TN)

All will surely like
"DaySide's" dynamic duo
Juliet and Mike
Mary (Farrell, PA)

Juliet and Mike
Which one is truly foxy?
It is obvious!

Every day is grand.
Because Juliet is hot!
Will you marry me?

Juliet Huddy,
Along with Mike Jerrick
It has to be good!
Randall (Shiloh, IL)

Juliet and Mike are hot,
Male and female fox!

Juliet and Mike
Together a team I like
FOX I pick for life!

Every day at noon
I sit with knife and spoon
And watch "DaySide" fun!
Clarence (Perryton, TX)

Juliet Huddy
And Mike Jerrick are "da bomb!"
FOX News, number one!
Kathie (Marion, IL)

Watch today at one
FOX "DaySide" is just the best
one host and one pest.
Jean P.

Mike, a funny guy
Juliet is the smart one
Together they’re great!

Mike brings out laughter
Juliet is beautiful
What a great duo!

Mike and Juliet
Both are quite entertaining
I love to watch them!
Peg (OH)

Juliet and Mike
They are the humorous pair
Dynamic delight!

One o'clock 'tis time
watch Juliet and Mike now
Classy and sassy

Afternoon delight
for me is watching these two,
Mike and Juliet

FOX has got it right
with Mike and Juliet now
watch the fun at one.