Police Arrest Two in Arizona Standoff

A standoff between Arizona police and two armed men in an apartment complex in suburban Phoenix (search) on Sunday afternoon reportedly ended when police used tear gas to take the suspects alive.

Police had earlier cut power to the apartment complex in Glendale (search) where two armed men were holed up in a hostage situation following a police chase prompted by a minor traffic violation.

Glendale police said the incident began almost five hours earlier when officers pulled the suspects over because they were driving with invalid license plates, which police believe may have been stolen. Once the police pulled the suspects over, they called for backup.

When the second patrol car arrived on the scene, the suspects attempted to ram it, and then fled the scene, pursued by police. During the chase, the suspects shot at least five times at the officers, FOX News has learned.

The chase ended when the men bailed out of their vehicle and ran into unit No. 162 of an apartment complex. Police and SWAT team (search) members surrounded the area and hostage negotiators worked to convince the men to surrender.

It was unclear whether the men knew people in the apartment building or chose the unit at random.

SWAT team members evacuated the surrounding units, but it was unclear whether there were residents left in the unit directly above 162 because the apartments share a stairwell. A neighbor said he saw at least one of the suspects waving a handgun.

Police managed to broker the release of a woman and four children from the apartment, but said there is at least one more hostage inside.

The woman released told authorities the men were bent on "suicide by cop."