Topics and Guests for September 24 & 25

Watch "The Big Story Weekend" Saturday and Sunday at 11 p.m ET!

It’s a powerfully-packed special edition of “Big Story Weekend” featuring LIVE reports from all along the beaten and battered Gulf Coast (search). We'll have the very latest information on Hurricane Rita’s path of destruction, recovery and relief efforts, and where the monstrous storm is headed next.

Some of our featured guests include:

American Red Cross (search) CEO Marty Evans
Austin, TX Mayor Will Wynn
• Major John Roy Jones
of the Salvation Army (search)
• Rick Martinez of FEMA's Incident Support Team
Former FEMA (search) director Wallace Stickney
Louisiana State Police Sgt. Mark Mix
Army Corps. Of Engineers’ Steve Houstein

Plus, NOAA (search) meteorologist Stan Goldenberg gives a first-hand account of his flight into the eye of the storm!

We're all over this storm all weekend long! If there's news, we're there...stay tuned!

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