Kate Moss Might Be Charged

Government prosecutors are advising police in their investigation of British supermodel Kate Moss' (search) cocaine use, the Crown Prosecution Service said Friday.

Scotland Yard sent case papers to prosecutors, asking for advice on whether there was enough evidence or sufficient public interest to charge Moss, said Russell Hayes, a spokesman with the Crown Prosecution Service. He said it was routine for police to ask for advice in such a case.

Without evidence, however, it is unlikely Moss will be charged.

Photos of Moss, 31, apparently snorting cocaine (search) in a London music studio were published in the Daily Mirror tabloid earlier this month. She has since lost contracts with H&M, Burberry and Chanel.

London's police generally investigate drug dealers rather than users, but Ian Blair, commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, earlier said police would consider "the impact of this kind of behavior on impressionable young people."

Moss, who reportedly checked into The Meadows Clinic in Arizona according to British news reports, issued an apology last week, taking "full responsibility for my actions."

Sarah Doukas, head of the Storm modeling agency that represents Moss, said Wednesday that Moss would soon sign a contract to represent a luxury perfume brand.

Doukas also dismissed claims that Moss' 3-year-old daughter Lila could be taken into protective custody. It was not immediately clear who was caring for the girl, and the Department for Education and Skills — which monitors child protection cases — wouldn't comment on the case on Friday, citing privacy rights of parents and their children.