Moving Forward but not Forgetting

We're slowly moving from wall-to-wall hurricane coverage, but making sure not to leave the personal stories of rebuilding behind. The other focal point in our meetings and in our show has been the distribution of aid. You just get the feeling that this money will not be heading directly to the people in need unless there is some accountability.

Our "A" topic Thursday was Tom DeLay's indictment. The case seems thin and so many legal experts seem befuddled that it actually was handed down. In fact, our Judge Andrew Napolitano thinks if they don't have a smoking gun, a person, tape, e-mail or series of receipts, this entire indictment will fall on its face. I am not a legal scholar, but this prosecutor brought himself up for indictment twice and received $200 fines twice. How weird is that?

Almost as funny as how Gov. Blanco (search) got a free pass on Capitol Hill as opposed to Mike Brown's grilling Tuesday. She said there is plenty of time to point fingers. Well an inquiry is the perfect time if you ask me. You didn't ask, so I will move on.

Almost forgot, we also grabbed Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour (search) and as usual he was great. The guy will not say anything bad about anyone when it comes to Katrina. So much publicity has gone to New Orleans while his states was leveled and yet he just talks about what needs to be done and how he plans on doing it.

Lastly, through the 3-hour cablecast, we touched on Wednesday's steroid hearings and it's sooooo clear who the villain is in this situation on the pro level and its Don Fehr (search). The players' union rep thinks he's fighting for his players by resisting harsher drug penalties, but I think it's about making a choice. He chose to fight the league, the commissioner, the Congress and his clean players instead of exposing his steroid users. He was dying for Hank Aaron to take on Barry Bonds as a legit homerun king "apparent", but once again he passed.

This week has been just great for me and I hope for you on the sports front as we continue to get stars who transcend athletics. We had a normal Tiki Barber (search) Tuesday, Tiger Woods (search) on Monday, Joe Montana (search) set for Friday. Joe is always a great guest and has a new book out called "The Winning Spirit." Speaking of books, Jake Steinfeld (search) once again trumpeted his new book and your chance to win thousand of dollars to make your business dream come true. Jake wrote "I've Seen Famous People Naked and They've Got Nothing on You". The book is a riot and informative especially for a guy like me with so little business experience. Oh yeah, if you'd like to grab my book with all new stuff in paperback, go to and get a signed copy.


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