Topics and Guests: September 28

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A Texas grand jury indicts Majority Leader Tom DeLay (search) on conspiracy charges for fund-raising activities by a political action committee he created. We'll look at what's behind the indictment tonight with former Texas prosecutor Nelda Blair.

Then, Natalee Holloway’s father recently met with the Aruba prosecutor and the lead investigators on Natalee's case, but what did they tell him? And was he shocked by any of their questions? Dave Holloway joins us tonight with the inside story.

Plus, new information in the brutal stabbing murders of a beauty queen and her roommate — the killer escaped from the crime scene, but he left some key evidence behind. We’ll tell you what it was.

And police working on the missing college student Taylor Behl's (search) case are desperate for information about a stolen Virginia license plate. We’ll talk with Taylor’s mother Janet Pelasara about the latest in the investigation.

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