The Katrina Blame Game

Yesterday, the embattled former FEMA chief Michael Brown pointed fingers at the local and state government. Today, Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco has her turn on Capitol Hill.

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"Either Brown is not that bright and actually think that his pathetic attempt to do his job was sufficient or he is just trying to skirt responsibility. The mayor and the governor are to blame too, but he should've taken charge. It is a tragic mistake that Bush values loyality over human lives by placing an old buddy as the head of FEMA." — Harry (Memphis, TN)

"Take it from a resident of Louisiana. Brown didn't scratch the surface when it comes to describing the incompetence of our current political leaders." — Fred (Houma, LA)

"This is Governor Blanco's fault, she alone makes up 90% of the miscommunication and screw ups. However, I personally believe that Mayor Nagin should have step up more and said the hell with Blanco and mobilized those people. The rest of the blame can fall accordingly." — John (Olive Branch, MS)

"Mr. Brown statements deflecting the blame away from himself and blaming others is keeping instep with what the Bush Administration have been doing since Bush have been in office. It is never a conservative or republican fault! They want to be in charge but not blamed when they drop the ball! I know conservatives are good people but pretending they are not without sin is getting old." — Bob

"I think that FEMA director Michael Brown is correct. I think it is only common sense to see that. Why did everything run so smoothly in Alabama and Mississippi?" — Suzanne

"Michael Brown is incompetent and was way out of his depth as FEMA chief. However, he is absolutely correct in his assessment of Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco. Obviously, both are skilled politicians but neither has the leadership skills required to manage a city or state during a crisis such as Katrina." — Ben (Palm Desert, CA)

"It should be clear to everyone who is to blame. Initially Mayor Ray Nagin was quick to point the finger at everyone else. But then he spouted over and over, 'I am in charge, not the Feds.' His bad judgment and arrogance are appalling." — Lynn (Brooklyn, NY)

"I can see now that all blame will be put on the feet of FEMA and the federal government and a free ride will be given to the corrupt governor and mayor. The people of N.O. will truly reap what they sow." — John

"The elected officials who were most culpable did nothing (except accuse the federal government of dereliction). Brown may or may not have been qualified for his position at FEMA, but neither he nor anyone else in Washington should be blamed for the terrible lack of leadership in the state of Louisiana. In a democracy, people usually get the government that they ask for. Ask not what your local officials can give to you — ask what they can do for your posterity." — Scott


"Yes, Brown is a scapegoat — for Bush! Our court-appointed president is a coward and responsible for the failures of the federal government. Brown was not qualified. Bush appointed him there. This is just one of many things that Bush should be impeached for. Pathetic and tragic!" — Jamie (Austin, TX)

"I think there is ample blame to be passed around; however, I don't think Mr. Brown is quite so blameworthy. Based on the press conferences both the mayor and the governor have held, it is obvious neither were competent, aware nor capable of handling an emergency of this magnitude. Their sole concern is laying blame at someone else's door and preserving at all costs their political lives. Just a simple comparison with their respective counterparts in Mississippi highlights their inability to respond to this disaster." — Lil S. (San Diego, CA)

"Brown is amazing. His failure to admit responsibility and act like a man about this is a shame. He owes so many an apology and much more. What a dope." — Mimi (Chicago, IL)

"I think Brown has been honest and realistic about what he wishes he had done differently. He is completely correct in his assessment of the State and local response. Blanco should be Impeached!! Concerned about her image while people drown!" — Kevin (Tulsa, OK)

"Brown was not totally at fault -- he sure couldn't make the state and local officials do what they were supposed to do to protect their citizens." — Donna (Tupelo, MS)

"I believe that the local and state authorities are the real failures. The Feds have to yield to States Rights. Anyone who is the least well read knows this. I think the naysayers are trying to manipulate the less informed for political gain. Brown should get a break." — Wess (Grand Junction, CO)

"Mike Brown is just another example of the shortcomings of this administration. There is a sociopath in the oval office that appoints his cronies to top-level jobs and the country is paying for it. God have mercy on this country." — Melissa

"Although the government has to provide assistance, the state and local authorities dropped the ball on this one. A fraction of the public transportation was used to evacuate people. To make matters worse, more people stayed in the path of the hurricane that could have gotten out. If I were poor and destitute, I still could have found a way to leave the endangered area." — R. (Newport News, VA)

"I think Michael Brown is right! He was a scapegoat. The governor of La. and the mayor of New Orleans showed incredible incompetence in their handling of Katrina before and after! Bush needs to get some backbone and stand up to the media!" — Cooper (Greenville, SC)

"Of course FEMA did not do everything right. Of course FEMA should have reacted more rapidly. Of course FEMA should have enforced mandatory evacuations to prevent the misery and save the lives of the citizens of New Orleans. What do the people of New Orleans pay their county, city and state government officials for? The loss of life and the conditions of the emergency shelters are obviously the responsibility of the City of New Orleans, failing that, and the Government of Louisiana The safety of the people of New Orleans falls to the city government first. The real problem was that the city officials did not evacuate the most at-risk part of the city with a category 5 hurricane bearing down on them. As a result there were thousands of people in need of aid and rescue. FEMA’s job is damage assessment, distribute aid and manage resources after a natural disaster or emergency. Not to be in the forefront of search, rescue, mass refugee relocations." — Mark

"If you need to blame something, blame the hurricane. It was at fault for all the mayhem. If all you cry baby’s thing it should be better than it was you’re out of your minds. The government is not your daddy. Disasters like wars are not neat, tidy and scripted like in some Hollywood movie. The government will learn a few things from this but the next disaster will be different and some things will be unknowable until then. I challenge you to prepare for the unknowable." — G.R. (Anchorage, AK)

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