Hurricane Rita made landfall early Saturday morning along the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast as a Category 3 storm, leaving flooding, fires and massive power outages in its wake.

A thousand words can't convey the impact of a single picture. Following are photographs and video that have been collected along the way.

Photo Essays:

• Aerial Views of Damage

Storm Subsides

Trail of Devastation

• Rita's Landfall

• New Orleans Flooding Again

• Over One Million Flee Rita

• Rita Attacks Florida


Rita Ramifications

Bush, Blanco in Baton Rouge

Impact on Wall Street

National Plan

Serious Damage

Texas Governor Comments

Ripple Effect

Bush Briefed

Chief Focus

Operation Cleanup

Path of Destruction

Levee Animation

Hurricane Animation

Assessing the Damage

U.S. Well-Prepared

Refineries Paralyzed

Houston Safe

Tracking Rita

Staying in Place

Storm Fury

Rita Weakens

Hurricane Alert

• New Orleans Swamped

• Powerful Rita

• Lake Charles 'Virtually Empty'

• 'Say a Prayer for Texas'

• Tracking Rita

• Levees Breached

• Bush Not Going to Texas

• 'We're Staying'

• Heavy Weather

• Rita's Calling Card