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Pot-Luck Supper Club

The fanciest (and only) Tupperware party I have ever been to was thrown Thursday night by The Drama Dept. (search), a non-profit theater company in New York whose members include Sarah Jessica Parker (search), her "Sex and the City" co-star Cynthia Nixon (search), Peter Gallagher of "The O.C." and Peter Sarsgaard of "Flightplan."

A few years ago, Drama Dept. actors held potluck suppers to raise money for the two shows a year they perform.

This time, corporate sponsor Tupperware stepped in to step up the “pot-luck” event, held at the W Hotel in Manhattan’s Union Square.

Recipes for Nixon’s “tomato surprise” and fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi’s mac-and-cheese were given to the W’s chef to prepare for a ballroom full of guests.

But the evening’s highlight was the talent show; with Nixon getting laughs for her reading of Dorothy Parker’s story “Just a Little One” (which you can hear on "The Dorothy Parker Audio Collection"). And Daphne Rubin-Vega (search), nominated for a Tony award for her role in the Broadway show “Rent,” wowed the crowd by singing “Free to Be You and Me.”

In tune with the down-home “potluck” theme, some stars brought their kids. Molly Ringwald spent a good part of the night chasing after adorable daughter Mathilda, who’s almost 2.

Rubin-Vega arrived with husband Tom Costanzo and 9-month-old son Luca.

This talented actress, by the way, missed out on the upcoming film version of "Rent" because she was pregnant, and was replaced by Rosario Dawson. I’m looking forward to the solo album she’s currently recording and producing.

Hurricane Aid

With hurricanes devastating this country, celebs continue to talk relief: "Desperate Housewives" star Teri Hatcher (search) models T-shirts for sale on, with proceeds going to the American Red Cross.

“Trust me,” Hatcher told me, “They are the softest, cutest, sexiest, greatest shirts and it’s a great cause. It’s just a win-win.”

S. Epatha Merkerson (search) of "Law and Order," who just won the Emmy for Lead Actress in a miniseries for HBO’s Lackawanna Blues (and provided the night’s biggest laugh when she lost her acceptance speech down her cleavage) told me her mom’s from New Orleans and her cousins there all lost their homes.

John Spencer of "The West Wing" said his cast has been to Houston and New Orleans, and Kim Raver of "24" said the actors on her show are planning to head to New Orleans to help rebuild homes.

Shelley Morrison (search), who plays hilarious maid Rosario on "Will & Grace," thinks it’s a great idea for folks around the country to have block parties, like her neighborhood is doing.

“Not everybody can write a check,” she said, “but everybody has stuff. If communities get together, it pulls us closer and it feels like we are doing something, ‘cause our hearts are hurting.”

Creative Healing

My heart rose, literally and figuratively, thanks to an organization called Portraits of Hope. It gives disabled and low-income kids the chance to dream big by creating giant works of art -- most recently by painting a blimp!

Founded by artist Ed Massey and his brother Bernie, Portraits of Hope offers creative ways for kids to flex their artistic muscles. Even children with no use of arms and legs can participate: they’re given fruit-flavored paintbrushes to use with their mouths. Truly remarkable.

I met with Massey and one of the children involved, Sarah Varela, in Long Beach, Calif., and we went up in their spectacular creation (look for our footage soon on the network).

One pilot let me take his seat and steer as we flew over Dodger Stadium and circled the skyscrapers of downtown L.A. My palms were a bit sweaty, but it was thrilling.

Click here to view a picture.

The Massey brothers’ next endeavor is a huge mural at New York’s Chelsea Piers painted by kids. After that, something to make the Big Apple truly shine: colorful patterns adorning New York City taxi cabs.

As for the blimp (or airship, as they’re formally called), kudos should also go to Ameriquest, who sponsored the project through its Soaring Dreams program.

Anyone looking to contribute to funding after-school projects for kids through these wonderful organizations can log onto or

They’ve got cool stuff you can buy, all for a great cause.

And, you can find out when the amazing airship flies high over a town near you.