Amman 9:16 p.m.

There was a piano in the lobby, playing the theme from Titanic, which I considered a bad sign. Back during the war there was a string quartet, which the boys appreciated, especially cameraman Slim, who developed quite a fondness for the bass.

I was sitting with Fein, which I guess was better than sitting alone, but not by much, as there were long periods when he didn't talk. He was drinking tea with milk and sugar. He put four sugars in. I knew better than to comment. The last guy who did, Fein told off with a four-letter word.

"The last time I drank tea like this was in Chechnya," Fein said, "in a water glass, Soviet style, with big granules of sugar. I'd stir it around and around. I was living in the basement of a house of a man named Tarzan."

That was all Fein said for the next hour or so. I thought about him in that basement, with the snow outside, stirring so much sugar in a glass of tea that it wouldn't melt, watching it spin around while the snow swirled outside, probably sitting across from him was Tarzan, and my bet was neither of them was saying a word.

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Sorry to hear you are back in Iraq, however, it's good to know someone from the media is over there... My son is stationed at FOB Warrior in Kirkuk. Will be leaving soon to come home the end of October. I end all my e-mails and phone calls with two words: "Stay Safe." And that goes for you also. Thanks for everything!

Merrick, NY


Our son is on active duty in the Air Force and has just returned to Iraq. The first tour didn't bother me so much--this time I'm pretty nervous about it. He is at Camp Bucca in southern Iraq.

Braymer, MO

Steve —

I was lucky enough to have both Marine sons return home safely from Iraq, and my heart breaks for all moms who have not been so fortunate. Wherever you are, please stay safe

Harrison, AR

I started watching you when we first went into Afghanistan and have loved you ever since, you do a more than great job

Faithful FOX News Watcher

Thanks to you and your crew - I wouldn't say this about many media types - but what you do.... I now believe is truly a sacrifice on several levels.

Please know it's appreciated - Godspeed - Be Safe


Have missed you on the news. You were great in New Orleans and miss seeing you. Take care where ever you are and be safe. You are the best.


You take care over in Iraq. I am wondering if you have ever considered writing a book. Your ability to cut through the bovine droppings and get the story is a gift. I think you would do well as an author. Stay safe and thanks for what you do.

Peg from Florida

Hi Steve,
I am an ardent fan of yours and was wondering what happened to you since Katrina. The last time I saw you was the day you rescued that young guy off a wall in New Orleans. I do hope that you stay safe and return home soon to our TV screens in the U.S.


You are absolutely the best reporter I have ever witnessed! When you tell the story... it is like I'm there. Thanks for all your honesty.

LC Nichols
Montgomery, AL

My son just got back from Iraq. Having been in combat I never expected to be as torn up as I was when he got on that airplane or while he was over there.

Tim Fitzpatrick


I for one are so glad you are going back to Iraq, because if not for you being there, we would not get any news. We no longer hear news good or bad on our soldiers. They are forgotten news, and for friends and families it is sad.

West Chester, PA

You've got more guts than "Ol Blood & Guts." Keep up the good work...

GM Hilliard

So glad to find your blog. Missed seeing you the last couple of weeks. You did a great job reporting on Katrina. You are the best!! Stay safe in Iraq.

Atlanta, GA

I love reading your stories from Iraq… you at least tell it like it is here…