Topics and Guests for September 24 & 25

Tune in to FOX News Channel this Saturday and Sunday at 9 p.m. ET as award-winning and veteran journalist Geraldo Rivera brings you two special broadcasts this weekend!

Sept. 24 & 25

Rita! Rita! Rita!

Stay with Geraldo this evening as he guides us through a powerful two-hour block featuring LIVE reports from our fearless newscasters located all along the beaten and battered Gulf Coast (search). He’s “At Large” and on the scene in Texas with the latest storm information and firsthand accounts of Rita’s fury!

Some of our guests tonight include:

Dr. Bob Arnot joins us with exclusive video footage from inside the ‘cane

• We’re riding out the storm with Galveston, TX (search) bar owner Marie Aldrich and TJ Aulds of the Galveston County Daily News (search)

• Texas Congressman Ted Poe joins us with the latest information on how his Houston-area district weathered the storm

• Galveston, TX Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas and Galveston Police Chief Kenneth Mack

Judge Robert Eckels, Harris County Director of the Office of Emergency Management (search)

• FOX News’ Neil Cavuto reports on the financial effect that storms Rita and Katrina will have on the country's (search) forecasters have the most up-to-date models indicating where Rita is headed next!

We're all over this storm all weekend long! If there's news, we're there...stay tuned!

Those stories and much more!

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