'Roll Bounce' Latest in Roller-Movie Genre

Ever think, "Man, they just didn't make enough pet-rock movies?" If so, you're also no doubt bummed over this quarter century's lack of roller-disco ( search) flicks.
Well, strap on those iPods and lace-up, rink finks, 'cause the drought's over. With the new " Roll Bounce ( search)," you'll get to relive a minor '70s craze ( search) that really wasn't worthy of all these movies. Here's how the newcomer stacks up against four-wheeled classics.

'Roll Bounce' (2005)

The Wheel Story: After their rink closes, 1970s teens head to another roller palace to battle resident title-holders of the big Skate-Off.

Playlist: "I'm Your Boogie Man," "Boogie Fever," "Boogie Oogie Oogie."

Stylin': Basic "message" T-shirts, big 'fros. Wait -- is this movie set in the '70s or today?

Roller Talk: "Man, Harriet Tubman wore those skates -- skated her way to freedom!" -- One kid ranking on another's old, battered wheels.

'Boogie Nights' (1997)

The Wheel Story: Alienated San Fernando teen becomes porn star in the disco era. More importantly, he works with adult film actress Rollergirl, who does it all in skates.

Playlist: "Brand New Key" (as in, "I've got a brand new pair of roller-skates"), "Boogie Shoes"

Stylin': Women: Clinging dresses, short-shorts, nothing. Men: leisure suits, polyester vests, clunky Italian shoes, nothing.

Roller Talk: Dirk (about to take a roll-in-the-hay with Rollergirl): "Are you gonna take your skates off?" Rollergirl: "I never take my skates off."

'Roller Boogie' (1979)

The Wheel Story: Rich, alienated Beverly Hills girl unites with working-class roller-disco king to enter the Big Boogie Contest and save the rink from closing. (Note: But for the roller conga, one of the worst movies ever.)

Playlist: "Boogie Wonderland," "Hell on Wheels" (a Cher tune that never caught on)

Stylin': Women: Relaxed perms, skin-tight lycra, ultra-skinny belts, long-strapped tiny purses. Men: Open shirts, no shirts, rainbow suspenders, skin-tight lycra, short-shorts.

Roller Talk: "All that talk about nobody loving you? It's the skating, isn't it? It's that insane disco music!" -- A frustrated dad

'Rollerball' (1975)

The Wheel Story: Corporations rule the world, as well as a play-to-the-death sport waged on skates -- think killer roller derby.

Playlist: Bach's "Toccata and Fugue in 'D' Minor" (again, the film's pretty boogie-free)

Stylin': Uniforms of leather pants, spiked mitts, four-wheel skates, helmets

Roller Talk: "In the future there will be no war ... only Rollerball." -- the movie's tagline

'Skatetown' (1979)

The Wheel Story: Because it's never been released on video, all we know is that Scott Baio and Patrick Swayze are in a rollerskate gang that faces off against the new, out-of-town kids at the annual Roller Disco Championship. (Sound familiar?)

Roller Talk: Tell Columbia Pictures "I want my 'Skatetown' DVD!"