Bomb Scare at British Airport

A suspicious piece of luggage prompted the closure two terminals at Britain's Manchester Airport (search) Friday, following the arrest of a man under British anti-terrorism laws.

According to SKY News, a man was seen acting suspiciously at the airport, and was subsequently approached by authorities, who used a stun gun to arrest him after he resisted.

Army bomb units were then called in to investigate the suitcase, and the BBC reported that a controlled explosion was carried out.

However, the bag contained only clothing, papers and a passport, according to SKY News.

The man had been seen acting suspiciously at around 8:30 a.m. in an area where aircraft are parked, Greater Manchester Police (search) said.

The BBC reported that a man with a suitcase had been seen walking under an aircraft. The suitcase was reportedly still on the pavement after the arrest, the BBC said.

SKY News said the man ran 200 yards toward a plane before being wrestled to the ground by police and zapped with a Taser. He was being held under Britain's Mental Health Act.

A Manchester Airport spokeswoman told SKY News that "as a precautionary measure, a police cordon is in operation and part of Terminal 2 and C Pier have been evacuated."

Parts of the airport's Terminal 1 were also cordoned off.

National Air Traffic Services (search) said the number of flights in and out of Manchester were restricted for a time.

Police denied there had been a lapse in security.

"We are very happy with what the officers did," Greater Manchester Police Assistant Chief Constable Steve Thomas told SKY News. "We were concerned that we might be dealing with a man who might be trying to attack a plane and kill himself in the process."

An eyewitness gave SKY News details.

"I saw a man in a suit carrying a case ... walking across the apron between Terminals One and Two," said the witness. "Two police cars pulled up in front of him. He tried to walk between the cars and the police grabbed him. One of them pushed or kicked the case away."

Manchester Airport, which serves more than 19 million passengers a year, says it is Europe's 12th busiest airport.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.