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Hurricane Rita (search) is churning through the Gulf of Mexico. The Category 5 storm is expected to strengthen before making landfall. Tune in tonight for complete FOX Team coverage of Rita.

FOXCaster Janice Dean will track the storm's progress.

We'll get a live report on hurricane preparations from FOX News' Alicia Acuna in Galveston, Texas.

Then, will Rita cause more pain at the pump? We'll get a read from Terry Keenan, host of "Cashin' In."

More than 1,000 members of the Texas National Guard have been helping out in areas of the Gulf devastated by Katrina. And now they've returned to Texas to face the threat of Hurricane Rita. We'll get an update on their activity from Texas National Guard Col. William Meehan.

Buses bound for shelters have been rolling out of Galveston, Texas. Hospitals, nursing homes and private homes are all being evacuated as Rita approaches the coast. We'll get an update on the evacuation from Mary Jo Nasche, public information officer for Galveston.

Can Houston's buildings and other structures withstand hurricane-force winds? We'll be joined by Dennis Wittry, managing director of Houston Structural Operations at Walter P. Moore — an engineering firm.

Cleanup costs from Hurricane Katrina could top $200 billion and damage from Rita will surely add to that price tag. Can Congress prevent these natural disasters from becoming fiscal disasters? We'll ask Sen. Jim Demint, R-S.C.

Will Galveston's seawall protect the city from Rita? We'll ask Robert Bea, civil engineering professor at the University of California at Berkeley.

Why is 2005 one of the most active hurricane seasons? We'll be joined by Joe Bastardi, chief hurricane forecaster for

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