Guests and Topics: Sept. 21

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September 21:

Packing 140 mph winds, the monster Category 4 storm known as Hurricane Rita (search) continues barreling toward coastal Texas and the already beaten and battered Big Easy. And while she gains speed and strength as she moves over the warm waters of the gulf, forecasters expect Rita to make landfall at the end of the week. But where exactly?

We’ll track Rita’s progress with's (search) Joe Bastardi and bring you LIVE reports from Florida, Louisiana and Texas as residents brace for yet another blockbuster cyclone.

And, as Rita makes a beeline for the Texas coast, we’ll talk to Texas Governor Rick Perry tonight about how his state is planning for the worst!

Plus, we’ll and get a live update on evacuation efforts from Brownsville, TX Mayor Eddie Trevino on how his community is preparing for Rita’s arrival.

Then, did Hurricane Katrina (search) really change the way we prepare for hurricanes and other natural disasters? We’ll check in with the American Red Cross’ (search) John Stock for answers.

And, keeping people safe in the face of disaster. We’ll check in with David Hastings of the Edgewater Retirement Home (search), which sits right on the sea wall in Huntsville, TX, as the home struggles to evacuate its patients before Rita makes landfall.

Then, military mom Cindy Sheehan (search) launches a new anti-war campaign today — targeting the 2006 elections! Conservatives are fighting mad and responding with their own anti-Sheehan campaign. Radio talk show host Melanie Morgan and democratic strategist Bob Beckel debate it.

Also, police are continuing to follow more leads in the case of missing Virginia Commonwealth University (search) student Taylor Behl. Are they any closer to cracking this case? Former LAPD detective Mark Fuhrman has an update on that story.

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