Yogi Berra Settles 'Yogasm' Suit

It's official. A "yogasm" is not sex with Yogi Berra (search).

The Yankee Hall of Famer settled a $10 million lawsuit against TBS (search) Monday for using his name in an ad to promote reruns of "Sex and the City." (search)

The ad posed a multiple-choice question to viewers: "What is a yogasm?"

While the correct answer was option C: What Samantha has with a guy from yoga class, the 80-year-old sports legend objected to answer B: "Sex with Yogi Berra."

He filed suit in February asking for $10 million in damages for the unauthorized use of his name.

ESPN.com quoted Berra's lawyer Louis Soley Monday as saying TBS and Berra had agreed to mediation and that the payout was "substantial."

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